first of all, should NEVER have been charged until shipped. ordered a mattress topper, stayed home all day but never arrived, contacted amazon, not shipped.

wanted to cancel, nope, last stage of shipping, i have to contact carrier (no carrier assigned yet) to cancel after email sent to verify shipment, given new arrival date, stayed home and waited all day, nothing. i am on phone waiting for agent 14 2 weeks later. have been promised refund, follow ups, excuses, blame etc. lost count of tickets to fulfillment center to ship and/or cancel.

lost count of how many times escalated to back office team that cannot be contacted directly by chat or phone. been told to wait 24hrs, then 24-48 hrs soooo many times! just now, wait 6 days... their hands are tied, only options available, sorry for INCONVENIENCE, nothing they can do, and "will that work for you?'.

no, return my money or let me talk to someone that can! nope, just need to WAIT!

SUMMARY: never received on 2 promised dates. cannot cancel as still in last stages of shipping, can't cancel thru carrier because no carrier yet assigned, won't refund until cancelled, refused, or returned. won't ship.

so no mattress topper, no refund.

amazon - stop your stupid supposed customer loving commercials and hire some REAL customer service! it isn't like you can not afford it!

User's recommendation: do not order big ticket items from amazon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $259.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Pros: Small items can be correted or made right.

Amazon Cons: Late deliveries, Runaround over and over, No one available to correct problems or refunds, Back office where claims escalated no chat or calls, Chat agents have multiple chats at one time.

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