I have had nothing but problems with your 3rd party apps. I have spent hours upon hours and over a year and a half getting you to fix problems with double billing only to have double charges from the app and from Amazon occur over and over.

I asked to drop the app and still I was getting charged by Brit Box even though Amazon apps assured me I did not have to call Brit Box because they took care of it. They lied and did not take care of it and after dropping the app was still getting charged. Amazon has made no attempt to fix sever problems with 3rd part apps, and charging. Amazon knows if I do not get the 3rd part apps, that I will not get all the offerings of the third party app, but will ne charged the same amount.

There is no way to tell if a movie you chose to watch is connected to your 3rd party app, or Amazons version of the 3rd party app. They continue to post their app and then double charge the customer.

When I called today and asked for a supervisor, I got a member of Amazons Leadership team. I was appalled at his excuses, rudeness and dismissive attitude. He offered absolutely no help.

He refused to acknowledge he heard what I was asking and dismissed me because helping the customer is not Amazon policy. I have never been so disgusted or disappointed in Amazon as I have been this last year and a half as I repeatedly tried to get this resolved. Amazon does not want to take ownership of these problems or help, they only want my money.

There are many other services out there, when I mentioned that your so called leadership team member thought it was a good idea for me to quit Amazon. What a sad commentary on a company that has the resources to do much better and should actually help the customer.

Also I am tired of being sent to the zphillipines to talk to a Amazon rep. I live in the USA and expect US citizens that speak clear English to deal with me.

User's recommendation: Look for another service, Amazon does not want to fix billing errors and doubles charges over and over.

Location: Medina, Ohio

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