I've been an Amazon Prime subscriber for several years now and have written dozens of reviews for various Amazon products - all with various star ratings - and have received many 'Helpful' votes on several reviews (both positive and negative reviews).

Out of the blue, ALL of my reviews suddenly have 0 'Helpful' ratings. I know for a fact that several reviews had dozens of 'Helpful' votes.

(For clarity: the reviews are still posted and active; only the votes were wiped.)

While I have no evidence to prove this, I believe my Helpful votes were scrubbed from all reviews due to my 2-star rating of the Blink Security System, as Blink is owned by Amazon.

The review was based on experience, and in my opinion, fair due to the products actual limitations, performance and what was advertised. I received zero notification about the removal of votes, so I have no clue exactly when it occurred, but I know it occurred sometime after the Blink Security review (as I checked my reviews shortly after posting the review for Blink Security and everything was fine at that time).

A very scummy thing to do, but unsurprising after considering who owns Amazon and their horrible anti-privacy and anti-consumer history.

User's recommendation: Avoid Amazon - buy direct from manufacturers if possible; check your reviews; voice your opinion to Amazon for all issues related to censorship to legitimate reviews.

Preferred solution: Restore Helpful Votes.

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