Careless Amazon prime driver with the license plate # 19778 /H1 9000 getting out of the interception and then joining to the I-40 in Nashville Tennessee. He didnt see his right mirror to turn on the blinker to drive over my lane.

The incident was around 4:30. He got the town Mount Juliet, where I found him a took the picture of his license plate. It wasnt

necessary because he had a free lane in front of him. A driver never cant obstruct the lane of other vehicles.

This person need to correct the way he drives on the highways. He is doing a public service to be a reckless driver. We are in the winter time and Holidays seasons. I hope this report get the right place.

I will be following this complaint. I attached the the picture and the video.

Fortunately nothing happen for my family and I. I was driven a SUV with 7 passengers inside.

Location: Smyrna, Tennessee

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