Purchased Suze Orman Will & Trust Kit CD-ROM from Amazon and they used a vendor called Treasures Unearthed of Dadeville, AL. Returned the product (which cost me $153.94) as it did not work with the most recent version of Apple Operating System.

Well now they claim they did not receive my return and there will be no refund. Expensive lesson for me.

Folks this is not my first bad experience with a Amazon third party vendor. My recommendation is you not purchase it from Amazon but try Walmart or a direct purchase from another vendor on line who will return your money when you return the product.

Monetary Loss: $154.

Location: Kearny, New Jersey

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I had the very opposite problem. As a seller I sold a Playstation 4 to a buyer.

For my part, the transaction was 100% legit. The product was perfectly described and shipped promptly and carefully. After six weeks probably playing the *** out of Call of Duty-the buyer submits a false claim, Amazon refunds him without bothering to investigate his dishonesty, returns his money, bills me for $415 and tells me that the buyer is "not obligated to return my merchandise". So I am out $415 plus a PS4 because Amazon allowed this buyer to steal from me.

Judging by your bad experience, and my bad experience Amazon is inconsistent in how they handle the buyer/seller disputes.

They screwed us both over.


I had a similar experience with amazon.com last November. I bought a computer advertised as "NEW" by amazon.com.

When the "NEW" computer arrived (later than Amazon said), the box was torn and two keys were missing. I tried to return the computer, and after FOUR attempts to get an RMA from Amazon, I finally received the RMA, and shipped the "NEW" computer to Amazon via Amazon's choice of carrier (no complaint about the carrier). Two days after the carrier picked the "NEW" computer up, the carrier verified its delivery to Amazon, even the name of the Amazon employee who signed for it on receipt. When I asked Amazon about my refund, I received a n email from "Account Specialist" cis@amazon.com, informing me that the "Account Specialist" cis@amazon.com could not find my returned computer, and that I would receive NO REFUND.

I sent the "Account Specialist" cis@amazon.com the relevant information including the original Order Number, the RMA number(issued by Amazon)and the verification from the carrier that the "NEW" computer had been delivered to Amazon, including the name of the Amazon employee who signed for the delivery.

After three weeks, "Account Specialist" cis@amazon.com informed me that I would receive a refund in the form of an Amazon Gift Card (I paid with a credit card, not an Amazon Gift Card).

After another week, "Account Specialist" cis@amazon.com finally agreed to refund the credit card I had originally used.

"Account Specialist" cis@amazon.com also informed me that, since I had been "RUDE" in my insistence on a proper refund, "Account Specialist" cis@amazon.com closed my account.

I WAS an Amazon customer for five years and my purchases were pretty substantial. BUT since I "RUDELY" insisted on a proper refund, "Account Specialist" cis@amazon.com said that he, she or it would furnish "...No further information or insight.." into the matter.

If you decide to continue spending your money at amazon.com, be certain to be VERY POLITE. They do not like it when you tell them that they are wrong!

As for previous responses to similar comments, please do not tell me how to be polite in dealing with a company where I am spending MY MONEY! :(


Just get a USPS receipt that you mailed it. That's proof otherwise your loss


My experience with Amazon has been excellent. BUT, a few things to take into consideration when selecting a product, in this order...


1. Sold and ships by Amazon. Can't go wrong with this. Amazon has an excellent return policy.


2. Sold by 3rd party, shipped by Amazon. The product is in stock at the Amazon Whse and is 'fulfilled' by Amazon.

. 3.

Sold and shipped by 3rd party. Your at the mercy of the 3rd party. This is like eBay, but I believe Amazon has a better return policy. .

I've purchased many many items thru Amazon. Most have been sold & fulfilled by Amazon. Several sold & Fulfilled by 3rd party. Maybe I've been lucky.

. On a few occasions, I've sent am email to Amazon, and they have resolved the issue in a timely manner.


@ Mike_mn As a former AMAZON addict. i Will agree with your number 1!

Number 2 may have been true before but even things now SHIPPED by amazon have BEEN delivered to me incorrectly and it has been nothing but A HASSLE getting assistance from AMAZON average order every other day.

The tides seem to be changing and not for the better of the CUSTOMER! I have been having much better like WITH (walmart).