Am not to Happy with this company right now at all because I place an order with a live person an she assure me that my order was process an it said in my e-mail when to except my delivery an about a say before it was to come I was sent a e-mail say my order was cancel, I try speaking to another person an he was very short patient with me he told me if I didn't listen than he said am gonna cancel your order an that I couldn't order anything else, he was gonna block my account, an I ask him why would you do that an am trying to get my order correct.An plus amazon took $13.95 out of my account for no reason an I want my money back in my account because you guy's have my account on file.I even download the app on my Tablet an he still try to give me a hard time.So I hope this matter be solve real soon thank you a very angry customer !!!

Location: San Francisco, California

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