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I ordered a book as a gift for my boyfriend. I had it sent to me to give to him for VAlentines day.

I am a texter and I dont always check my emails. As Valentines day approached, I was looking to send the gift and could not find it as purchased in my Amazon account. Nor was it n the audible or kindle account I have. It did cue me to purchase it again.

Anyway, I hunted down the email and learned the email I had it sent to was incorrect.

I followed the hyperlink to the site to hopefully fix it. No luck. I searched the sites and found no instructions to fix the email either. Now I had wasted time and was really pissed.

I tried to find a number on the Amazon site--nothing. Nor could I find that I had actually purchased the book. So I went on line and found this number. The gal was very helpful.

I did not want any more time wasted so I had her send it directly to my boyfriend instead of me first. I checked with him today and he said he has received it.!

Whew! Buying a gift/spending money should never be that difficult!

User's recommendation: Don't waste time searching Amazon site to help you fix a purchase issue for Kindle.

Location: Torrington, Connecticut

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" I dont always check my emails' Your fault. Grow up. Your BF should wise up and be mindful of someone who blames others for being stupid.