Garland says they didn't receive a cancelation for this item, then they sent me another ,sane order. First I Don't hv a electric oven , I ordered gas wall oven, sent bk d/t measurements didn't work.

Then they turn around and sends me another oven of same. I hv reached frustration, hv talked with 3 different ppl customer service, they say it's taken care of & it's not. I feel that I shouldn't have to pay for the oven that I'm now waiting on. Prayerfully it will be one I ordered.

I shouldn't hv to mk arrangements nor pay for returns when I canceled . VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED, Pls mk this right.

Thank you. Tambarla Savage

User's recommendation: Pls follow through with customer until the issue has bn resolved before they hang up, pls.

Location: Paris, Texas

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