Amazon has really been messing up orders. They mark package delivered when there's no package at your door.

I received neighbor packages with I am honest and true I go knocking at their door and bring their package but it's not everyone like me. And when you call Amazon to let them know that you didn't receive your package they want you to search around the neighborhood these days that is not safe. Especially if it's something free and it was delivered at their house they figured that they did not steal it. It was at their door so they do not release and what are your supposed to do.

You paid for a package that someone else have and Amazon still wants to charge you for a package that you did not receive. They also give you a time frame .Suddenly the day has went over to 2 more days. 2 more days passed and you don't see them delivered. But still no package.

I keep on ordering with them. But now I quit, even the 2nd or 3rd parties though them is a mess too. O the orders get split up being delivered on the same day.

Really different time frame. Amazon needs Honestly, Compassion True Delivered.

User's recommendation: Anytime you are waiting on a package and it has been text delivered but package is not a your door. Call Amazon right away. Sometimes they solve the problem and other times they don't. Investigation is aways a word you hear from them. Almost never on time. I pause, now quit.

Location: Bellevue, Washington

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