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Yesterday two things happened: (1) I realized that Amazon has removed all my reviews (mostly book reviews) and (2) I was unable to post a negative review about a cellphone battery I received from an Amazon seller the day before that simply does not hold a charge because Amazon stated that my reviews could be fake.

I have never written a fake review in my life. My last book review stated that I'd received the book from the author (self-published) in exchange for a fair and honest review. My policy is to only review books I read and that have merit, in my opinion. But now my research shows that Amazon is cracking down on people who know the author reviewing their book.

Amazon is also frowning on authors who write in the same genre reviewing each other's books. This means that if Henry Miller and Laurence Durrell were alive, even though they once endorsed each other's fiction, they would be banned from Amazon. Go figure.

Ah yes. I see you'd like a photo, screenshot, etc. So here's a photo of my review that isn't there anymore:

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Review Listing.

Reason of review: Banned Reviews.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: This site which is clearly run by amazon.

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Same happened to me! I called and reported it and they filed a complaint with review board, then I got an automated response from the review board stating they carefully reviewed my account and found I was in violation.

Well it was obvious to me that was b.s. and this was a form letter so I replied to it stating: clearly you did NOT carefully review my account because if you had you would see I was innocent and restored my account!!! About 7 days later they replied saying my reviews and privileges were restored. I replied directing them to this site and letting them know this was a huge problem and not isolated.

So don’t give up! You have to complain at least twice before a human gets involved.