Amazon has the worst Customer Service Representatives on earth! Truly!

They have No Customer Services Skills, Hard or Cold and I Will Never Order Anything In Life From Amazon! They are so incompetent, they can't even help me login to my account because they still have my old address and phone number from 2018! Really!!! I am done, been calling for a month for a early jump on Christmas and they are Not In the USA and you can't Understand them!

Target has the BEST Customer Service On This Earth to Infinity!!! Take my advice and Run!!! I will Never again for in my life even associate with Horrible Amazon and I am filling a complaint with the BBB and their Corporate ASAP!

Not to mention Plastering it all on Every Social Media Outlet In the World! I rate Amazon as a negative zero to the nth power!!!!!!;

User's recommendation: Pull up call! All the evidence you need.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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