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For over 4 months, Amazon has been unable to restore my account to normal status despite dozens of phone calls with them, 3 way call with Amazon and my credit card company verifying that my card is valid, following instructions in their emails to me and more.

Fall 2012, someone used my credit card for fraudulent purchase. I worked with my credit card company to cancel the card and issue a new one. This was the same credit card on file with my Amazon account. For a short period of time, my credit card company and I thought that some of the Amazon purchases on my card were also fraudulent. We have long since verified those purchases are legit and I made my payment in full.

Amazon has locked my account off and on for months now as a result of this. Both my credit card company and I have told them my card is fine and paid Amazon in full. My new credit card number was provided to Amazon - I was on the phone with an Amazon Customer SErvice agent yesterday while she ran a charge against my card and verified it went through. She assured me that the lock would be removed within an hour. Not only was the lock not removed, my account was shut down last night! I still can't get past Customer Service, no one there will give me their full name, phone number, email. They claim they can't do anything about it except to send an email to some other mysterious dept in Amazon.

I would gladly forgo spending any more money or time with Amazon except that I've spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on online content (books, music, movies) that I will lose if my account is dead.

I am my wits end. Any help? Advice?

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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As an Amazon customer, I don't understand this. When you contact Customer Service, you have the option to do so through email, phone or live chat.

I've always used live chat which also gives you an option to receive a transcript of your entire conversation with the customer service representative whose first name and initial of last name is provided. So you always have proof of what is being told to you. Also, when you add another credit card onto the Amazon account, you select that card when you're checking out. If you have a good card now and select that card (not the old one that had a problem) when you check out, the order should go through.

If the old card was your default card, you need to make sure that the new one is selected at check out. Customer service at Amazon has always been so helpful to me. Even when the United States Post Office claimed that my package had not arrived in my State when Amazon tracking information showed that it did, Amazon offered to refund me the money.

As it turned out, the USPS was at fault.


Same situation EXACTLY as above, only Amazon wound up paid twice by my bank, which resulted in even less response than before. Also from Fall 2012 - and with my Amazon Credit Card. Its now March, my accounts are closed -- including my Kindle, Cloud drive and music -- and Amazon customer service is useless.

But yes, after years of no-problem customer loyalty, to lose the contents of my accounts and countless hours of my life and trust is surely an insulting blow.

I know of at least one other friend who has had this scenario happen to them as well....eventually this will catch up with Amazon! Its inconvenient, but now I just shop elsewhere. And that Kindle is being traded for a Nook.