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12/4/21 Amazon-they done it again. I was checking my last order, wondering why the order was broken up into two (2) orders but it was two books, by the same author.

Usually if one product is going to be late, you are told as such if they are not coming together. Instead this time the second book was given an order number even though they both were ordered on the same day! Yes one cam Saturday 11/27/21 and the other Thursday 12/1. Anyway, I was checking all my orders for 2021 when I noticed an icemaker I had ordered in May, was marked for (damaged) and return.

this one is truly laughable as I just was looking at the ice maker and it reminded I had yet to find a plumber who could install. Second( as with another product) Amazon only allows 30 days for a return. I purchased the item in MAY. My problem is I sort of KNOW someone is compromising my account, but I cannot reach anyone to discuss!!

Mailed letter back in September regarding another matter got no response.

Their "BOT' is no help.n However, I think I reached chat( you never really know) and I asked the representative ( after much ado) to connect with a supervisor. He stated, that the supervisor would only ask for the same questions( stupid question I might add) I am stuck between a rock and a hard placel-I always liked Amazon, but somene is trying to ruin my credit line.

User's recommendation: try to get a live person.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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