I forgot my password so I went to

"Forgot my password" and was directed to a page that had me put in my email address. Below that they wanted verification it was me and all it

was is a box to type in a bunch of jumbled letters then hit a button to take me to a new password page.

It wouldn't do that.

Kept defaulting back to type my email address and a code would pop up in my email address. I would type the code and the page went to another page that had 3 ways to prove it was me

It had my phone number

Then it had my old Galaxy phone

Below that was my even older cellphone. An LG G6

Since none of them could verify me because I'm no longer using those phones. I have an iPhone SE and it wasn't listed.

Because of that I couldn't verify it was me. They have made it much too difficult to get back on Amazon.They sent me an unwanted, never asked for, Amazon store card. Even though they have my regular credit card.

I did not want this card but you must have a credit card to join Amazon and canceling the account is very confusing.

You need to watch a video to help you go through the process. Help!!

User's recommendation: Stay away from Amazon. Com.

Location: Hyattsville, Maryland

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