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From the beginning of this company, their prices were always lower than the competitor. I don't know if anyone's noticed but in the past 3 months I found numerous other websites having items cheaper which has never happened.

Amazon has been jacking up their prices drastically! The only reason people love Amazon is trusting they have the cheapest price..... that's what Amazon is all about! I can no longer trust their website I'll now have to double check every item to see if I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

I can see exactly whats happening here......Amazon is beginning its greedy phase.

If you have stock, now is the time to sell. There's no going back....this is such a bummer, i knew it was too good to last forever.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Whenever you shop, either online or in a retail store you need to have a good idea of what something costs. Online you can price compare and choose accordingly.

No one is forcing you to buy from Amazon or any other store. Amazon is no more "greedy" than any other business.

They wish to make a profit, else they go out of business. Methinks you are unfamiliar with how the world works if you equate making a profit with being greedy.