I've always been a amazon customer. When I found out I was eligible for a free 6 month subscription to amazon prime I was ecstatic.

And then laser ship happened. In my town there are two streets with the same name separated by about 100 feet of forest. The part of the street with my home does not show up on any maps or GPS units. So the first few times I used my prime service laser ship had problems getting here.

No problem, I'm used to it. But I figured after several deliveries they would get the idea, and come to my side of the street. So I became preemptive, calling laser ship BEFORE it was sent out with a simple set of directions to get to the other half of my street. An incovience, but still ok as long as my package gets here on time.

Now on my last order, I called again to give my usual set of directions that could be followed by most elementary school ages children. Low and behold I get a confirmation text saying my package was delivered. But it wasn't. Inexplicably the driver has left my package at another home.

I'm tired of this BS. Two things should happen here: 1. Laser ship needs to keep a memo attached to people's addresses in their computer system for people with similar circumstances (I can't be the only one, can I?). Or 2.

Amazon needs to ditch these guys. UPS, FedEx, *** even DHL can find my home.

Why can't these jokers! After my prime freebie is up I'm done with laser ship!

Location: Milford, Massachusetts

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