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Amazon will not back up any warranty claims

I am through with Amazon, I have had a few products that where defective from amazon. If the seller is willing to take it back, or exchange it great. But if they say no, Amazon will not back you up, they would rather keep the seller happy. Beware nothing has a guarantee that they can't get out of. The worst part is trying to get there attention, even after a few e-mails and calls I could not get a response except for form letter type e-mail. that basically told me tough ***. The worst part is I am easy to please, all I wanted was to swap the defective disc for a good one Hope someone comes along and does it better thanks Tom
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Stuffy2, not sure what your angle is or where your information comes from but it doesn't match with my own recent Amazon experience. August 2013 I had an absolutely horrific experience with what I believe you call 'an outside merchant". A seller who posted on Amazon but the item was shipped from their own location and I was charged shipping fees. Seemingly it was the actual business owner who was emailing me terrible berates, in addition to claiming outright lies regarding the transaction and what was sent. Wmailed Amazon customer service to advise them of the situation immediately hopeful that they would intercede on my behalf, but their responses were vague. If they were concerned I have no evidence. The emails kept coming.

Just a few hours before I was advised by the A - Z Guarantee team full refund was pending and should appear on my bank statement within 2-3 days, the outside merchant demanded I return the item in like new condition that he would be able to resale as new. He knows the package once opened can not be passed off as new. So what did Amazon do for me?

I got my money back YES, although the merchant representations were not truthful at the time of purchase so that isn't any great concession.

I have no information provided this merchant was in anyway disciplined Stuffy2. Had he had a bricks and mortar store in my town the local police would of been able to file felony charges against him for the email contents sent me, yet Amazon didn't even acknowledge them in their correspondence with me. So how is that high standards? Ignoring felonious conduct of a Seller?

Finally, whether I return the item or not I risk this merchants further wrath which I have no recourse. Stuffy2 you claim know Amazons upholds high standards? I feel violated and abused by an Amazon Seller. Amazon knows and I heard nothing other than I get my money back. I wish you would let me and other people who come to this site know how they can get the benefit of Amazon's highest standards.


What I purchased was new, when I opened it, it was defective. When I contacted the seller they said it was not returnable or exchangeable the moment I opened it.

I guess that means there is no such thing as defective ?

When I contacted Amazon they backed up the seller with a form e-mail, they would not call me back. This isn't just bad customer service, it's no customer service.


You are incorrect. If receives complaints against any of their outside merchants they will shut them down, regardless of how big they are or how much profit they bring in. sets very high standards for customer service.

Your complaint, if filed with, will be another bad mark against that merchant. A few bad marks and that merchant will get booted out and will no longer able to sell any products on

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Walnut Creek, California
$90 is a scam

all my info is there at yourube on jan.19th 2008 billed my creidit card $319.99 and refused to do a sale's draft according to my credit card company. they refused to sale me the ps3 nothing wroung with payment. the funds where on hold for them. they are too lazy to do the right thing. i have reported them to the and the takes there side. i would to if you lined my pocket. all is doing is lining there pocket. they are nothing but crooks and low lifes. if they want this removed best thing for them to do is give me a ps3 for all the stress they have made for me i have to back charge the transaction they refuse to finish. what ever way you try to cover your self i got it backed up and proof you do nothing is screwing people over. if they want to play games here i will plaster there name all over the net untill i get what is rightfully owed to me. i have no use for them scammers.
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Amazon REWARDING Sellers that BREAK the law and closed my account because I did not!

Amazon Complaint by FPD

I sell hunting equipments, and per different States and City laws, I cannot sell/ship certain items to restricted places. For example, cannot ship bow and arrow to NY City, or Ninja throwing star.

Amazon allow to sell those items and have many sellers selling them, and they sell some of them too.

As a result of the sales restrictions I had to cancel those orders for restricted areas and my pre-cancellation went high to 10% (because I am abiding by the laws as should) and AMAZON suspended my account.

I proved to amazon that those items have restrictions and should be execluded from the metrics, or metrics should change for them. You cannot expect to uphold same metric in this case for both books and hunting stuff, as one category of products have no restriction laws while the other does.

Amazon said, either list them and you have to meet the metrics (meaning I have to break the law since 10% of orders I cannot ship legally ship), or not sell those items at all!!!!

I told them, you are rewarding the sellers who are actively selling those items and can only be meeting the low metrics by breaking the law (or they do not focus on hunting thus numbers are averaged).

They got unhappy and said u have low buying satisfaction experience... I told them this is not satisfaction experience, this is a laws that we all have to uphold... Also asked them for solution to show the restrictions in the product detail page on Amazon and also show the seller comment for that item (which I indicate the restrictions in) at the customer order confirmation page because they do not (makes no sense why not despite the many requests)...

So simply this is a Metric issue and Legal Exception issue for those items, not Seller-Performance issue... so they shut down my account completely now!

Guys, to sell on Amazon it is a requirement to break the laws... they know they are rewarding bad sellers and closing good law abiding ones to satisfy the bottom line! :(

What options do you guys suggest I pursue as seller-performance is sadly out of it!


My credit card # was stolen from their website. Be careful!!!!

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#131962 Review #131962 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Walnut Creek, California do not care about sellers any more been scamed.

buyers leave feed back who can not clearly read the comments that i leave under the item i am selling for an example they say they are missing the book when i told them i only have the tape and i am missing book then they make me look bad refuse to remove this feedback so i look like a bad seller is nothing but a scaming sight you will get screwed every time by selling here any buyer can lie and say anything about you and clearly get away from it amazon had this to say when i called them (we do not give a *** about who you can you can call the all you want to ) as you can see they do not care about you as long as you pay them the seller fees and *** the seller like allways.
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Seller for several years...have those same feelings somedays. The BEST thing you can do is leave a RESPONSE for the negative feedback(basically point out the facts)...also leave NEGATIVE feedback on the BUYER also!

#120584 Review #120584 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Walnut Creek, California

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