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Amazon in San Francisco, California - Charging sales tax on shipping &handling

Last week I looked at my Amazon invoice and noticed that they had charged sales tax on s&h. Yes, I live in the great state of California and must pay sales tax on Amazon products, but that's another discussion. This complaint is about charging sales tax on s&h charges. Who does that? Nobody except Amazon! They sent me the same answer twice. The answer suggests that the State of California allows them to do so, so I looked at some invoices I have received from companies located in California. Shipping&Handling charges are ALWAYS below the sales tax line!!! This may seem trivial, but Amazon is known for customer service while engaging in customer rip-off. I seem to be the only California customer who has noticed this tax, if not, would the rest of you please complain and not back down from their lame excuses?!?!
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I think I love you Connie :)


Hey ***, California law clearly states that "Shipping and Handling" fees ARE subject to sales taxes. If the line just said "Shipping" there would have been no tax. That's the case in many states, too.

Plus, anything charged as sales taxes or anything else identified as "taxes" must be submitted to the state...the merchant never gets to keep the money. Amazon gets audited by sales tax officials in every state every year, and they need to prove that the taxes were actually paid.

No scam here. You should wise up before embarrassing yourself in public again.


I just recieved an order from Amazon right.Guess what their is no sales taxes on my S&H but guess what their is sales taxes for my product that i purchased.My S&H was free of charge.Maybe you made an mistake look again and Be sure before you open your mouth.


I'm glad they are not charging sales tax on shipping on invoices sent to Texas. They have acknowledged that they do on invoices for sales to Californians. Please don't assume I made a mistake reading the invoice, if I had, the issue would not exist.


My, my, Connie, you sure are a rude ***. And you also seem to have some difficulty with the English language.

Perhaps you should learn how to write and spell before you post.

Your welcome. :p :p



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