This was a RV step handrail manufactured by Lippert and sold by JSI through Amazon. The product showed up with the railing sticking out of the box and the looking like the box was cartwheeled down a hill.

Railing and brackets were scratched. My guess is that this was originally a return/resell as I find it highly unlikely that the manufacturer would sell a product with absolutely no packing material whatsoever. Someone bought this originally, unpacked it, didnt like it and returned it less the packing. Now JSI wants me to pay for the return.

I said no and now they want a bunch of photos to prove the damage. No again. Just send me a prepaid return label and check it out yourself. Amazon needs to make clear when returns arent free or not deal with resellers that conduct business like this.

If I had known this I would have never risked making this purchase. Amazon, Im a prime customer and I dont purchase through you just to return things.

Check my purchase record. Amazon needs to step up here.

User's recommendation: Don’t buy anything from JSI that’s sold through Amazon and certainly don’t buy anything directly through JSI.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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