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No answer or reprimanded of driver

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I had an order dropped off on the edge of my grass next to my mailbox. I am angry about this.

The driver didnt bother to put on the porch, rather it looked like it had been thrown out. Anyone could have picked it up. I live in Wallingford, Connecticut at1056 Durham Road 06492. Inside was theee stainless steel bowls with lids and a cake piping kit.

I think this driver should be reprimanded for their lazy, haphazard way to leave a box. Anyone couldve picked it up it was that close to the street. Hopefully you can see my order that I made, it was the last one I ordered. You should be able to track down your driver I would imagine.

My phone number is 203-927-**** if, if you feel like giving me a call. If I do not answer, I would certainly appreciate that number back or I can speak to you.

This driver once again, need to be reprimanded or fired for what they have done. Again, anyone couldve stolen it and I was a palled by the laziness of your company.

Preferred solution: Ask diced why it was done, don’t let the lie to you. I’m telling the truth..

Amazon Pros: I just want my box, Typically good service.

Amazon Cons: Poor customer service, Taking to much of my time.

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