I got a message stating that a book had arrived When I returned to my residence the book was not here. Instead there was a small package addressed to a neighbor who lives two doors down.

I walked up and down the block to the left and the right and did not see the package anywhere. I called Amazon and they contacted the deliverers, UPS, and I spoke with someone there. They could do nothing to help. I was sent a link to the UPS website and entered the tracking number.

The package was said to have been left outside my door. I gave up hope of receiving the package tonight. I had been told that if the book had not arrived by Saturday I could request a refund or a replacement. Several minutes later I heard something placed on the ground outside my door.

I went out and there was the package with a note from a neighbor apologizing for having opened the package. He said the UPS delivery man had handed him the package when he was entering his house and he had not looked at the address before opening the package. So I got the book. But it was a bit nerve wracking.

Easy to take these things too much to heart, to give in to anger and frustration. These are the times in which we live. Now I hope I learn something from the book about Yoruba religion - legends and myths of the Orishas. No harm done in the end.

I feel a bit like an idiot but if I had not gone outside conversing with Amazon and UPS while I looked for the package my neighbor might not have noticed me and might not have brought the package around tonight to put my mind at ease. I have several thousand books and not much time to read.

I do not really own these books. I am their custodian for now and when I pass on I hope they reach people who can make good use of them and learn the wisdom contained in them.

Location: Queens, New York

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