I've spent thousands of dollars on Amazon over the years. I have never had any reviews rejected until now.

I was able to put negative PRODUCT reviews, but if the item was sold directly from Amazon and I had a bad experience with them, I was not allowed to publish the experience. I was honest, I told that they were lowering the price of an item I was buying in bulk by a couple dollars or so right after the purchase of it. When fearing that I would not have enough of the product for future use, I bought it again very soon after the first purchase, only to find that again, right after I purchased the product they lowered the price by over $2.00 per box of this product that goes for almost $30 a box. And I was buying several at a time.

When I discovered and caught them price gauging consistently and called them out on it, they rejected my review and refused to publish it, sending me a link to their guidelines.

I read all the guidelines and I didn't use any profanity or use links outside Amazon, nothing. I just told my honest experience and they declare they welcome HONEST reviews but they don't.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: Denver, Colorado

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Biolage not Village?


For those of you who are not interested in reading the whole story, I am recommending wholeheartedly that: 1. If you are going to purchase a big ticket item on Amazon, especially like a $1,300 Surface Pro 6 like I did, always buy it as a standalone item on a single order number without purchasing anything else that may go with it.

2. If you intend to use American Express points DON’T!!!! If you do use points, use them on that ONE order as above or someone will split the points and you WILL LOSE MONEY (see below). 3.

If you do purchase a Surface Pro 6 and order the i7, MAKE SURE it says i7 somewhere on the packaging and MAKE SURE YOU CAN see if the sticker was placed OUTSIDE the shrink wrap or if it is on the inside of the shrink wrap where it should be. If it is placed outside the shrink wrap…DANGER!! In either case MAKE SURE after unpacking carefully and setting the machine up, verify if it is an i7 by going into the settings tab (about) -and verify it is an i7 and not an i5 BEFORE loading anything. 4.

Make sure you watch your credit card charges for anything that seems weird, especially if you used points (see below). 5. If you call customer service and get an ESL customer service rep (especially from the Philippines) … hang up and call at a different time until you get an American rep. They first off can speak English well but most of the times fail to understand or comprehend (especially if you have a major problem) and it seems they have a problem with the truth.

Not all of them but most. I am not dissing the people…I lived there for over a year and loved it and the country but even if you go slow with them and go over the problem several times, they still have issues with comprehending. See below. This review is not so much an indictment against this seller as I do not have any evidence of any wrongdoing by this seller and in fact this seller acknowledges the error promptly, followed the return quite closely, and ultimately refunded my money and gave me a $30 credit to boot.

There are, however, things that are worrisome to me but you be the judge. On November 28, 2018 I ordered a surface pro 6 and also at the same time I ordered the 4-year accidental insurance package. The computer was $1298.86 bottom line (no taxes or shipping). The insurance was $142.71 plus tax.

This was the 1st and 2nd order of 3. 1. Order placed: November 28, 2018Total $832.74 (after points applied) Order # 114-9916633-2741023 Return started Your refund will be processed when we receive your item. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB) - Newest Version Sold by: stores1234 $1,298.86 2.

Order placed: November 28, 2018 ASURION 4 Year Tablet Accident Protection Plan ($1250 - $1499.99) Total: $0.00 Order # 114-4255537-7849828 Email delivery. 3. Order 3 placed: November 28, 2018 Total: $0.00 Order # 114-2884341-5873858. This was the third order of 3.

I ordered all the “accessory items like the type cover, hubs etc.. When I placed these orders I used all of my available AmEx points 115085 (worth $1150.85 or 100% if I used it through Amazon travel, etc.)…and according to Ashley at AmEx if I ordered through Amazon the dollar value using the points on Amazon was $804.79 (70% of 1150.85). Anyway, SOMEONE??? applied 87534 points to the computer and 27551 points to the insurance policy!!!!!

instead of applying it all to the computer. That means the 87538 points in actuality should have been worth $612.34 instead of the $456.12 they applied against the $1298.86 Surface Pro and leaving a balance of $832.74 instead of balance of $686.52 it should have been. What happened to the other $146.22???? Never did find out but did get a $30 credit “for my trouble.” Same thing with the insurance policy.

The cost of the insurance policy was $156.62 including tax. They applied 27551 points and made my cost $0.00….27551at 70% is worth #192.86. What happened to the other $36.24???? In other words I am out $182.46 that disappeared into someone else’s pocket and to this day no one has been able to explain who or where it is nor have I been issued credit for it.

NEVER use points!!!! If the truth be known, I feel I should have been made whole and the whole amount of my points, all 115,085, should have been put back into my AmEx account. Perhaps if there is someone more attuned to the law and smarter then I, please tell me your thoughts Do you want to know the kicker? Amazon actually charged my credit card for $612.74 wanting me to pay for the points I used making the value ZERO on 115-plus points.

When I called Amazon about this charge (Philippines), I had to go through at least three reps before I FINALLY got someone who understood and comprehended what I was saying. We spent almost an hour on the phone. Oh yea, you CANNOT get the same person you spoke to before nor can you speak to a supervisor (I have the email and both are less than true) I ended up in total speaking to at least five or six “representatives” trying to get things straightened out, each time rehashing everything I said before. Two were supposed to call me back.

One called at the wrong time even though I told her specifically that I drove a school bus and could not answer the phone when I was driving. Even though I gave her the time I was available (after 5 p.m. CST) she called at 4:30 while I was still driving. I called back when I got home, “could not be transferred”, left a message asking her to call back because she called at the wrong time and guess what…she did obviously get the message because not very long after I was called back but there was no ring and the phone was between my wife and I.

Neither of us heard it even though we were waiting for the call ???? Wonder if, well I find it a funny way to CYA but not surprising and cannot say for certain it happened but I do know one can let the phone ring so it leaves a missed call on your phone and you can honestly say you tried calling back. Try to get a supervisor…I was able to finally even though I was told I couldn’t and he too was supposed to call back but never did and yes I do have all the emails and text messages saying he was going to call me back. Back to the charge of $612.74… AGAIN, THEY ACTUALLY BILLED ME FOR THE POINTS THEY GAVE ME CREDIT FOR on the orders!!!!

When I finally got a “supervisor (they call them floor managers I believe) I asked the gentleman I spoke with what the charge was for, who authorized it because I had not, and asked what the specifics were for that charge. The “supervisor” was ultimately the one who figured out Amazon or someone was trying to bill me for my own points, the very points that were applied against the orders. I did get that charge removed from my credit card!.... You would think that was enough but NO!!!

Order #3 for $191 and change included the type cover, etc. According to Amazon, AmEx denied the third order charge SEVERAL TIMES even after I called AmEx who said absolutely not did they deny it and told me my account was in “perfect” standing and it was Amazon’s fault. Ended up, I had to CANCEL that whole order at the request of an Amazon rep and get credit for everything and then place the order again using a different card!!!! There is so much more like the issue of them trying to charge me restocking fees and shipping on all the items I ordered that went along with the Surface Pro but subsequently fixed by an English speaking lady in Washington customer service and other issues.

Questions: Why can’t I get ALL of my points back instead of the LESS then 70% Amazon credited me. If you PAY in points, you should get ALL your points put back into your account…it was NOT my problem they shipped the wrong machine to begin with, not my fault I had to send everything else that what went with it back, not my fault for any of this mess. Take heed folks you WILL pay for their mistakes one way or another. NEVER use points!

Customer service is good ONLY for simple problems, especially if the rep is in the Philippines. I wasted hours explaining everything over and over again EVERY time I called because they either simply can’t comprehend or act like they don’t. Someone put the wrong sticker on the outside of the shrink wrap on the box, you figure it out. When I was price shopping, I did see someone else had the same issue and posted it.

Glad I remembered it but sad that there are probably a lot of folks who (like my posting) will never see it or who are using a machine they did not want (the i5) and don’t know any better given if after 30 days there is no return if I remember right. It is indeed buyer beware and be very careful to protect yourself, watch your credit card closely, etc. Again, I CANNOT blame this seller because I can’t prove anything but someone did it and someone is being tricked into believing they are getting something that is different than that advertised and paid a WHOLE LOT more for. I will say this in conclusion…at the very beginning I wanted a replacement for this machine and NOT a refund as I needed the portability this computer offered.

I WAS told by this seller that he couldn’t replace it because of the “channel” it was in (whatever channel means) and they did not have the i7 machine in stock. Strange, I want beck to the site I ordered it from and it showed the i7 WAS available, in stock , and ready to sell…even a few days after being told it was not. Even now it is still there so you best be careful and ask if it is indeed there and get it verified. I was told by the seller they had taken it down and it was not in stock…you figure it out.

Someone has done wrong and in more then one instance. Make SURE you get what you pay for. Make it ONE order, receive it, and verify it is what you ordered. Again though, this seller did stick with me and did refund my money and did give me a credit but could NOT replace the machine?

Too bad.

Please pass this on if possible. Folks have to realize how bad things can get and have to truly pay attention to every detail of any large order involving a lot of money or points… Thank you


Item listed as ‘Amazon Choice’. Product was no too as described and of very poor quality.

Posted negative review with photos to support. Amazon refused to publish the review.


I had a similar experience where a "new" product sold by amazon was not accepted as new by the service provider which claimed that the product was previously used and thus won't honor it warranty. Amazon rejected my review.


I just realized I gave an Amazon item a low review...that must be the reason my reviewing privledges have been pulled. Seriously, I don’t know why people care if they can review or not...it’s not like we’re getting paid for the reviews.




Just another statistic ... my review was rejected today and I didn't see anything wrong with it ... just trying to post a review that might be helpful to others but it might reduce their sales so that's more likely the reason.


Just had the same experience. Nothing that violated the policy just a beef with Amazon's poor Now delivery 2 times in a row.

They either don't send things on the list and then force you to manually request a refund or simply just send the wrong thing. No quality control.


Happens to me frequently, and I haven't violated a thing. Recently, I tried to put a negative review for their shipping branch, AMZL, who "lost" 3 of my packages in 2 weeks! You'd think I committed a felony for pointing out that that carrier is unaccountable and unreliable.


I too have spent many thousands of dollars at Amazon. We place orders weekly.

I have left several positive reviews with Amazon in the past. No Problem. Twice I tried to post negative reviews, and twice they were rejected. The second time just aggravated me to no end as it was an inexpensive item that was received broken.

Four ceramic pieces loosely placed in a plastic bag. This item is guaranteed to arrive broken. The item has no reviews - makes sense. I doubt anyone would have recieved their purchase in one piece, hence no positive reviews.

Amazon won't publish negative reviews, hence no reviews. Link to item: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07CYT479R/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I will no longer trust reviews from Amazon, as they are clearly biased towards the positive.


Amazon has gotten ridiculous about rejecting reviews. Everyone who feels they are within the guidelines needs to email Jeff@amazon.com I can understand they reject reviews for shipping issues.

Saying they received a damaged product is not a good review when Amazon will certainly make that right. However I want to know if the seller cannot offer replacement parts before I buy it and that is why my review was rejected.


Amazon would not post the following review. They no longer are a good company.

They have changed radically. Here's the comment! Great product poor service from Amazon. I purchased this product from Amazon.

All appeared okay as the camera worked on Startup. Soon as I tried to fly the camera did not work. No problem I returned the craft to Amazon. At the same time I ordered another craft.

I had an event that weekend that I had to have the craft for. The return was easy. The product arrived back at Amazon within two days. The major problem is I am still waiting on my refund.

That means that is $1,199 not returned to me yet.I have called customer service at Amazon numerous times and gotten the same line of BS. They tell me that it takes 7 to 10 days. That is bull. The seller is amazing and was very responsive to my emails.

The problem is with Amazon. I will no longer buy products such as this from Amazon. Anyting high-dollar I will find another source for. You cannot reach a customer service agent that can investigate the issue in any way shape or form.

In fact they no longer speak clear English. Amazon is no longer what it used to be.

I'm very offended by the way I have been treated. Again not by the seller but by Amazon.


Amazon would not publish my negative review of a third party seller who grossly overcharged for shipping. I just wanted to warn others of that seller.


I post reviews on everything I purchase through Amazon and I purchase a lot! All of my reviews have been posted, some good and some very bad. Never had an issue.


my reviews about bad delivery dates are never published


Same issue with me. I have always written good reviews until I bought sunglasses direct from Amazon themselves and was sent completely different pair than ones advertised.

I simply wrote that received wrong item with a photo of how different the item was and was told to rewrite it can’t be published??

Why it’s only stating what happened - no profanities? It makes me question my trust in their feedback system which I use a lot before buying - seems it’s not impartial/fair at all if it’s policed by Amazon to such a crazy extent?!


Same thing here, I was lured into a prime membership for a next day delivery of an item I wanted. On the day of delivery they just updated saying ‘as per customer request’, I was completely taken aback.

Posted this and the bad business practice on the page and they refused to publish it. As with most of you, have spent a lot at amazon over the years and this was really an eye opener!!!


I purchased an expensive bluetooth headset on Amazon. I opened the packaging and discarded the box when I recieved it.

Didn't try to use it till a few weeks later for a road trip.

Item never worked. Sponsored item and whenever I try to leave a negative review it states that it can not be accepted.


Amazon will not post honest reviews if they are not positive. If you follow their rules about no profanity etc they still will not post your review if it might really give consumers the honest truth about a product.


They won’t post ANY of my negative reviews... and won’t let me report that my item was never received. Garbage.