I've spent thousands of dollars on Amazon over the years. I have never had any reviews rejected until now.

I was able to put negative PRODUCT reviews, but if the item was sold directly from Amazon and I had a bad experience with them, I was not allowed to publish the experience. I was honest, I told that they were lowering the price of an item I was buying in bulk by a couple dollars or so right after the purchase of it. When fearing that I would not have enough of the product for future use, I bought it again very soon after the first purchase, only to find that again, right after I purchased the product they lowered the price by over $2.00 per box of this product that goes for almost $30 a box. And I was buying several at a time.

When I discovered and caught them price gauging consistently and called them out on it, they rejected my review and refused to publish it, sending me a link to their guidelines.

I read all the guidelines and I didn't use any profanity or use links outside Amazon, nothing. I just told my honest experience and they declare they welcome HONEST reviews but they don't.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: Denver, Colorado

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Amazon is worse than Walmart. I rarely buy anything on Amazon anymore.


I have had the same experience! If you complain about a product, in which Amazon doesn't have to take responsabilty, they will publish the review almost immediately.

However, if you review a product and the issue falls on Amazon, i.e.

their lack of customer service, they will reject it and state you violated their review guidelines. It's companies like these that are making me go back to the good old days of driving to a store and shopping like I used to.


If you like the ease of shopping on Amazon but not Amazon service or company itself, just buy from one of the other sellers on the listing. If the other seller does their own shipping I find the service is often better.

Yes, buying from the independant seller might be a little more expensive, but that's because they pay huge fees to Amazon. I think that little extra is worth getting the better service and being able to actually contact the seller if an issue comes up.


Amazon will not allow negative reviews of the Amazon photos service either and their prints are horrible.


I'll chime in here, too. Yes, I believe that Amazon is engaging in unjust censorship.

I first noticed it years ago, like maybe 2010 or 2011.

Since then, I very rarely post reviews. These days it seems like the big behemoth online businesses (Amazon, Ebay) do whatever they can to squelch honest, open feedback.


Same experience here. Anytime I try to post a review that is critical or alerts others of the same item having a lower price elsewhere Amazon rejects my review.


Yeah, they do block giving identifying information. Often if you use a sellers name or price they remove the entire review (often it has nothing to do with the negative info). If you leave out those details your product review is more likely to get posted.


Oh c'mon kids...It takes time for reviews to pop up. I reviewed something on December 26th.

Didn't get a message about it showing up until late last week. I reckon they have to sift through reviews that are nothing but smack down based on nothing, political conversations, spam, and just plain BravaSierra. So....What did I do after posting, I went on with life and didn't spend the last couple of months popping in and out looking for my comment as the obviously lifeless do here. Judging by the banal and lame whining I see here, it's no wonder your post is slow to show...If at all.

P.S. Other reviews have begun to show up as well.

P.P.S. Get a life please...


Hey loser, we're talking about reviews getting flat out rejected for no reason, not about having to wait for it to appear. You"r notified right away if it's rejected, dipsh!t.

P.S.S.S. you're an idiot.


Amazon is definitely refusing negative reviews. I buy loads of stuff; some good some *** and review accordingly.

But Amazon only accepting praising reviews and blocks critical reviews. Especially when product description was entirely misleading and evidence accompanied in form of product pics too.


I had the same experience.


Tried to post honest review of a product that was falsely advertised. Wanted to let folks know that even though I had Prime I could not return the product, and neither could I contact the seller either. Amazon wouldn't let me post saying "Something went wrong, please try again".


Curious, what were you trying to return? Things that are perishable or might pose a health risk (food, health care items, intimate items, hazardous items, etc) can't be returned by law. I did see that Amazon lists what can't be returned on its return policy page.


I bought something that was falsely advertised and received something entirely different than I ordered. I tried to post a review about the misleading Information on the product and they rejected it.

I didn't Break any of the guidelines.

Just stated the facts in a logical manner and they still won't allow it. I have since rewritten it to ensure 100% adherence to the guidelines and They're still waiting to post it.


Still waiting for my 1 star to post after 3 days -- but my 5 star on another product posted immediately!


I just had my review rejected by Amazon for being honest; it should be based on entire experience; not just product review as this is just part of the equation. Here's a copy of email I received; "Thank you for submitting a customer review on Amazon.

After carefully reviewing your submission, your review could not be posted to the Web site.

While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines: http://www.amazon.ca/review-guidelines from Jerry on January 27, 2019 Order took 11 days to receive-1 item incorrect Hello folks; the Moog product itself was fine, however, I ordered 2 of the same items (1 order), was not shipped for several days and after contacting Amazon rep online, it finally got shipped and order had 1 item correct and 1 not as in pic-- I am not sure how this error could occur as they item boxes are clearly 2 different sizes--so they are sending me another by Canada Post this time (not Purolator as originally shipped) and I must send wrong part back which I have had to go to Post Office to do--not impressed with this order but I admit most orders with Amazon have been good in the past. Hope this issue doesn't become more prevalent in time!"


Oh, yeah, you have to put only product related info on the Product Review and then the seller specific stuff in Seller Feedback. Annoying, but true.


Me too! Hope they get held responsible!


I get a lot of things from Amazon and they always want reviews. I usually give good reviews, but I got an expensive bottle of Village shampoo from them that was counterfeit.

They refused to print my warning saying I didn't follow their rules. I guess their rules are they only print positive reviews. Which is weird because one out of the 50 or so reviews said this product was counterfeit. How it got approved is beyond me.

From now on I will be ordering much less from them and not paying attention to their phony reviews. Laurie


Biolage not Village?