I've spent thousands of dollars on Amazon over the years. I have never had any reviews rejected until now.

I was able to put negative PRODUCT reviews, but if the item was sold directly from Amazon and I had a bad experience with them, I was not allowed to publish the experience. I was honest, I told that they were lowering the price of an item I was buying in bulk by a couple dollars or so right after the purchase of it. When fearing that I would not have enough of the product for future use, I bought it again very soon after the first purchase, only to find that again, right after I purchased the product they lowered the price by over $2.00 per box of this product that goes for almost $30 a box. And I was buying several at a time.

When I discovered and caught them price gauging consistently and called them out on it, they rejected my review and refused to publish it, sending me a link to their guidelines.

I read all the guidelines and I didn't use any profanity or use links outside Amazon, nothing. I just told my honest experience and they declare they welcome HONEST reviews but they don't.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss order processing issue of online review. Amazon needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Amazon would not publish my negative review of a third party seller who grossly overcharged for shipping. I just wanted to warn others of that seller.


I post reviews on everything I purchase through Amazon and I purchase a lot! All of my reviews have been posted, some good and some very bad. Never had an issue.


my reviews about bad delivery dates are never published


Same issue with me. I have always written good reviews until I bought sunglasses direct from Amazon themselves and was sent completely different pair than ones advertised.

I simply wrote that received wrong item with a photo of how different the item was and was told to rewrite it can’t be published??

Why it’s only stating what happened - no profanities? It makes me question my trust in their feedback system which I use a lot before buying - seems it’s not impartial/fair at all if it’s policed by Amazon to such a crazy extent?!


Same thing here, I was lured into a prime membership for a next day delivery of an item I wanted. On the day of delivery they just updated saying ‘as per customer request’, I was completely taken aback.

Posted this and the bad business practice on the page and they refused to publish it. As with most of you, have spent a lot at amazon over the years and this was really an eye opener!!!


I purchased an expensive bluetooth headset on Amazon. I opened the packaging and discarded the box when I recieved it.

Didn't try to use it till a few weeks later for a road trip.

Item never worked. Sponsored item and whenever I try to leave a negative review it states that it can not be accepted.


Amazon will not post honest reviews if they are not positive. If you follow their rules about no profanity etc they still will not post your review if it might really give consumers the honest truth about a product.


They won’t post ANY of my negative reviews... and won’t let me report that my item was never received. Garbage.


Same thing happened to me with an amazon sold item, they sent me the wrong color, I said as much and now most of my reviews and comments on reviews DO NOT get published. I am not renewing my prime.

Amazon is now the walmart of the internet. NTY.


The item I purchased"Atkins Limited Edition Shea Butter Hand creme Collection 4 pieces " was a poor choice.Old package and it seems the seller stocked it for a long long time and posted it on amazon.com for a quick sale.Don't it !!


I had a same experience for declaiming a negative review and rejected ed by Amazon.com and would like to know where to post my sincere reviews to let more people from buying the products I experienced.


I have also had experiences when Amazon would not post my negative review for no reason. I spoke the truth without profanities or insulting comments yet it was rejected.


I just had a similar experience. Tried to post an honest review on a purchase that was marked up over double retail store cost.

I didn't realize that at the time, but after I received the item, I realized the bag was a $6.99 bag of chick grit, definitely not worth the over $16.00 that I paid. (I only bought it because my local TSC was out of stock.) My fault for not being more diligent and double-checking the size of the bag and other retailers, but still price-gouging IMO. Amazon was the shipper, not seller. My review was rejected because I mentioned price in it.

I call foul. I reviewed the product well, but the price poorly.

They won't allow that. Guess there's no way to post an "honest" review then.


It's 2018 & it appears that the same thing is still happening.


I've just had a similar experience with amazon rejecting my positive review of a product. That item, heavy candle holders, were individually packaged very well.

Amazon placed that package inside a much larger box with other items I had ordered with NO PACKAGING.

The other items arrived crushed. Now ordering from Walmart more and more, and even more Now.


They stopped me from posting 2 negative reviews on sellers they sponsor. I ordered 300 NFL cards that said in the description "at least 300 NFL cards" that came with 260 NFL cards and 40 college cards.

I left a review saying they did not send me what I paid for and the description was wrong. They refused to let me post it. I also ordered Kirkland (costco brand) contact solution only to find out 2 days later that the seller is buying it from Costco and selling it for double the price, so I mentioned that in the review and not only did the review get rejected but they wouldn't let me further comment on the product at all.

This should be illegal. They should not be able to filter people from leaving negative reviews just because it will hurt amazon supported sellers.


Just so you know, price gouging is RAISING the price after a lot has been bought, not lowering it.


Apparently they scan for key words and if they find them - you are blacklisted from leaving ANY further reviews for that item. I tried to review an item where the seller determined the item was used if it was removed from the package.(It was a blanket) It was tagged because I used the word "package". Amazon would never let me change it to different wording such as "encasement item came in" or create a new review for that item.

I no longer trust any of Amazon's reviews and have been doing business with Walmart instead since they allow all reviews so you know what you are getting - not just cherry picked reviews and they don't charge a membership fee!


Same experience here..

Amazon only cares and protects its business partners, not customers..


Totally agree. Just had a very similar experience with Amazon and was directed to the same legalize explanation page.

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