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I filed the following report with Amazon as a "consumer review", but Amazon refused to publish it stating that it did not meet their "criteria".

The report was about an Indigi smart phone manufactured in China but sold by Digimax LLC in California. The report follows:

"Received unit in a damaged box with damaged packing so right away it showed that this was not NEW. Then noticed that the protective plastic on screen must have been taken off and put on several times. Phone did not look clean.

But biggest problems are:

A) It does NOT take 2 sim cards. Only 1.

b) ad state that it can take a 128GB SD card. Where? There are no slots on the outside of phone. There are also no slots inside of phone.

There was no way for me to check other features, but these were the most critical for me. I'm sure that if they lied about these items there may be problems with others.

Lastly I was charged 119.86 for this phone but I see the exact same model being sold for 99.99 from the same vendor. All features appear to be the same. I have plenty of photos to support these comments but some of the photos on the web site are pretty indicative of what I'm pointing out.

Also Amazon is not taking responsibility for this. This is an outside seller and one must deal with them. Thus you'll be out shipping costs also."

I do not see anything in this report that would be considered rude, profane, or obsene. I don't even see anything that would be false or untrue other than the seller's description of the product features.

I simply stated facts and I have photos and documentation to prove these. Anyone who is familiar with smart phones can also look ad the Amazon ads and see that some of the features advertised are not there.

So why is Amazon so afraid of my review? I tried publishing it several times and was rejected every time.

They have now given me the reason for their refusal to publish the review. They state that they do not publish product reviews that talk about packaging.

(In discussions with Amazon staff I was informed that even if the internal product packaging is torn, ripped, cut, or even non-existent, the product can still be called "NEW" by the seller and one cannot write a bad review about the product, but one has to mention this in a review of the seller. So what guarantee does a consumer have that a product sold on Amazon is "NEW"? None according to their representative. The buyer can then only complain about the seller and not the product. And how many of us read "seller" reviews? Apparently according to the Amazon representative, we all should. Because a description of "new" will not guarantee that you are getting a "new" product.)

Is this for real? I explained that I was not originally talking about the exterior shipping box but rather about the internal product packaging which I consider to be an integral part of the product, as it attests to: a) the fact that the product is in its original packaging from the manufacturer; b) that the description and features of the product are fully described and readily seen before opening the package; c) that the product was not changed or tampered with and was indeed "new" from the manufacturer.

The interior packaging (not the exterior shipping box) that I received from the seller was a simple black box with no manufacturers labels or descriptions. It was ripped and torn so it probably was returned once before. It had no explanation as to the product's features. (2 of the main features described on the Amazon site stated that the product had a "dual SIM" and accepts a "128GB mini SD card".)

The phone itself did not have any indication whatsoever that it had these 2 features. The meager 1 page instructions also did not mention this. Later the seller explained that the phone does take 2 SIMs even though nothing in the original shipment indicated this. Also the seller showed where the slot was for the mini SD card on an e-mailed picture but there was nothing on the phone itself that indicated this nor that it was indeed capable of reading a 128GB card.

The seller - Digimax LLC. has agreed to take the phone back with a 20% restocking fee (which they informed me about AFTER I returned the phone), AND I'm out high shipping costs for something that was due to false advertising. Where is the fairness?

I had always considered Amazon a top ethical and consumer oriented company. They always appeared to be on the consumer's side whenever there was a question with products being sold on their web site.

Is this now changing?

Since then other questions about this product have come to light: If this was a reconditioned or reworked unit why is this being sold as "NEW"?

The mere fact that the units are "unlocked" would tend to indicate that they have been reconditioned or remanufactured.

Indigi is a well known manufacturer in China and I have seen their product advertised by Alibaba in the past. However, the deal from Amazon seemed to be better since it offered faster shipping, and it mentioned that the phone would be accepted by my carrier for service. What I received however was sold by some unknown middleman in the US and it did not come as a "new" product, but rather as a reconditioned or reworked one, contrary its description on the offer on Amazon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: Product review policies.

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Yes I would. I'm in the process of looking for a "New" smartphone.

I've been researching on line for my choice. I was looking at the Indigi brand. I've never heard of them and that's how I stumbled on this very informative and helpful review. I will not be purchasing that brand or from Amazon.

I have never researched the seller, just the product. For that Amazon rep to be so flippant about the customers concerns is uncalled for. And shows that they need to be retrained on "Quality" customer service. When I chose "NEW" on Amazons selections for unlocked phones, refurbished models came up as well.

There are 2 things that Consumer Reports tells you to never buy refurbished, phones and pc's. Thank you for the truthful review of the phone and the sellers. Once again buyer beware. And shame on Amazon for not standing behind you.

We may be little fish in their big pond; but there are a lot of us little fish in that pond.

As long as we talk about our experiences; good or bad, it'll make a difference. Good luck in the future to you.

@Vicki Gibson

I just purchased one and i am looking for an ottobox for it, so far so good, I brought mines two weeks ago 12/05/2018 hopefully i won't have any problems with it.


I stopped doing buisness with Amazon around + 5 Years ago . They are to expensive .

Lenovo Smartphone from US Factory is $150 CHEAPER then Amazon !!!! Bite me Besos


I have a indigi v40 its an awesome phone if you *** would actually look at the phone you would realize where stuff goes mine too 2 sim cards and the SD slot is in the same cradle as the sim slot stupid


I too bought an indigi phone. It wouldn't even take a charge.

But I got it on eBay.not Amazon. eBay is working with the seller to return it for a full refund of 119.95. I refuse to deal with Amazon ever again after what happened two years ago.

eBay has been great about all returns and they pay all shopping costs.. I wish you the best.


Catherine James


I purchased the one with the rotating camera. And just like I said before.

Bad seller. Bad experience Digimaxis in Californie Tammy


I also ordered an indigi phone from Digimax from California. It came with no invoice, no owners manual and after a few days screen went black and then someone(s) was having a text conversation on my phone all in Chinese.

Whomever is selling these phones in Lillabrae (something like that) California is reselling phones not work anything and I have not been reimbursed for my $92.00 plus the $7+ it took me to ship back. I believe these phones are used and still have vunerabal "takeovers" from the real or previous owner in China.


Yes Amazon does get pissy about bad reviews and in most cases removes the comments. Fortunately the internet gives up all ghosts at some time and finding this review helped me decide not to purchase this product.


Which Indigi phone is this review written about?


Thank you for this info. I was just looking for reviews to order it.

Now I won't.

I appreciate your info.