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My daughter rented a book from Apex Media for a college class. All information sent by the company for the return of the book went to her junk mail.

She was charged $38 for the rental and I was charged (on my MasterCard) $147 more for a used book worth about $50-60. When I saw the charge, I immediately called Amazon. I was told that the time period to return the book had passed. Apex's policy is that we could not return the book.

Don't rent from these people. Go to some other service!

They should have sent a snail mail warning. Email is not infallible.

Monetary Loss: $147.

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Yes. Very unhappy-Amazon know this company over prices.

Amazon then re-entres merchandise into the market price for lowr purchase price and if your text is late, then Apex bills for the higher price.

It should be against fair trade laws or some other consumer protection laws that the true seller is not Amazon.

It is dfalse adverstisement but in any case Amazon is brokering the deal and benefiting.

I will happily sign class action paperwork!!!


I just dealt with this as well. Amazing that the post and comments below are much older too meaning that this company has been doing this for some time.

I rented a book for my mother for $29 and just got charged today for the book another $90. The problem is that I can buy it new on amazon for $60 right now. They claim that it is damaged but the condition of the book was listed as used-good when I got it and the book was not damaged when I sent it back. What a load of *** that this company wants to pull.

I was able to contact Amazon customer service about this, they said that though they cannot refund me now, if I return it to their warehouse address I can get a refund for this thankfully.

Still, it seems I'll be out the shipping to the warehouse, and I don't have the option to leave feedback for them or even contact them, so I guess I get to play a game or return chicken with them. If the amazon refund doesn't work out, I'll be disputing the charge on the credit card bill.


I'm trying to locate a return address as well.


How can I contact them? I may be in the same boat.

Thanks in advance!


Nobody seems to be able to reach them by phone. Complain through Amazon.


Do they keep on charging if you don't give them the book back?


I'm dealing with the same issue about a college algebra book. I rented the book for $25 dollars in May and after a couple of later they charged me $343 dollars for the book putting my banking account in the negatives.

I will NEVER rent or buy anything else from this company.

The book at the school was $250 I should have just did that from the start because this is very crazy!!! So I can't even get in touch with the people anyone got the contact number.


Did you just kept the book? I still have my book and I'm not sure if I still return it or not


Am dealing with this situation right now. Have been an Amazon customer for years.

Sent back textbook and they charged me three times the amount that a used text would cost. Fighting with customer service reps right now to get this resolved. It they don't resolve it - I'll be done with Amazon and they really don't want that as I spend a lot of money there!

They are now telling me they will refund the charges.

@Doc D

BTW - apex_media is an Amazon marketplace seller; not a company. They are well known for filtering out bad comments and once they have "charged" off a textbook that was rented you cannot leave feedback.

If you need to complain about this - call Amazon customer service, ask to speak with a marketplace management specialist and explain. They have stated IN writing they will refund the total price charged ($180.17 for a used text when the new price was $120).

@Doc D

I guess you are a lucky one. I guess I will have to fight in writing because this is too unfair.

Amazon knows very well they are putting the books on the market after the rental periods expire and then selling for lower prices after we have paid the higher price.

If that is not true, then why dod they offer the more expensive product thru Apex which by the way only appears as small print.

Amazon is cornering the market on books but not offering fair price nfo.


I just had the exact same problem with this company. Amazon customer service was horrible on top of it which didnt help.

I was charged $287 for a book that brand new is only worth $140.. not a happy camper right now.


Same here! They claim to have sent 3 emails...I do not remember and checked SPAM.

When I complained on their FB page, I got a pat response that they were sorry, would send my complaint to the textbook rental department but there was nothing more they could do. I rented a used book and they charged me full price.

I had no warning and my account went into overdraft.

Can you believe they said in an email they hoped I'd give them another chance!


I had a similar experience January 2013. I rented a book from Apex_media and noticed when the book came there was a small tear in on the back cover.

Since it was not severe I did not think anything of it. However, when I returned the book, apex_media charged me the full price for the book due to some alleged damage to the cover that was there when they sent it!

I immediately contacted Amazon and they refused the charge and apologized for the mistake. Beware of apex_media they do not go through Amazon other than being fulfilled by them!!


I agree mine just showed up on my credit card!!


Thank you! I had the same problem but you helped me catch it in time! Once I checked my junk folder I found what I needed and I'm returning the book now.

@More cautious next time

Sorry to say you are not out of the woods yet. Hopefully they will accept your return without charging you $$$$ for a damaged book.


I returned mine early. It was a used book I paid $68 to rent.

The edges were worn, it was not "good" as described, but as long it was readable I didn't care. Honestly, I didn't use it much, got most of my posts from online sources. I packaged it securely in a box with paper stuffed around it. I was shocked when i got an email saying they were charging me $114 as the binding was broken and sending it back.

I opened it, the binding is not broken! I have made multiple calls to Amazon; keep being told they are "requesting" a refund.

I am reporting all this information to the attorney general in my state. This company is fraudulent, and I hate the fact they are defrauding people who can't afford it!


It took me 28 years to finish my college degree because I had no mommie and daddie to pay for me~~wait for it~~I was hospitalized when I was still on my Mom's insurance at the age of 22 and at that point it was on my records that I had been treated with something that would prevent me from getting insurance, and when I went off her plan at the age of 23 I started paying $10,000-12,000 per year for medical care, plus all my own living expenses. I finally managed to complete 2 college degrees when I was 47 (less than 3 years ago.) Please no whining about emails landing in the SPAM file, or paying an extra $200 or $300 here or there~~that's a drop in the bucket, seriously, you have no idea.

Tell your kid, to set the browser so that junk mail (SPAM) will be saved so that he (she) can review it~~and it will NOT be automatically deleted.

Anyone with half a brain would understand the importance of doing this. If you have been paying the household bills or running your own business, or if you use computers for a living you would know to tell your kid to do this.

I hope this helps.

I don't mean to be harsh. I live in an area where I am surrounded by people who have so much money they refuse to wash their own clothes, clean their own houses, and they have zero common sense about their kids.

It's very different than when I grew up.


OH~~most important part I left out~~as I was saying, when I was 23, the annual cost was around $10,000-$12,000 per year. When I finally got my insurance in 2005, the cash price was over $40,000 per year.

No kidding. That's for normal stuff, no hospitalization or accidents~~there were some very large hospital bills in there too, accidents, illnesses. Working 2 or 3 jobs it's very difficult to get through school. $200 or $300 for a textbook?

Is that all?

That was twice the amount of food stamps I was getting at one point~~try feeding yourself on $149 a month. SMH