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My daughter rented a book from Apex Media for a college class.All information sent by the company for the return of the book went to her junk mail.

She was charged $38 for the rental and I was charged (on my MasterCard) $147 more for a used book worth about $50-60. When I saw the charge, I immediately called Amazon. I was told that the time period to return the book had passed. Apex's policy is that we could not return the book.

Don't rent from these people. Go to some other service!

They should have sent a snail mail warning.Email is not infallible.

Monetary Loss: $147.

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Riverside, California, United States #1189236

Yes.Very unhappy-Amazon know this company over prices.

Amazon then re-entres merchandise into the market price for lowr purchase price and if your text is late, then Apex bills for the higher price.

It should be against fair trade laws or some other consumer protection laws that the true seller is not Amazon.

It is dfalse adverstisement but in any case Amazon is brokering the deal and benefiting.

I will happily sign class action paperwork!!!


I just dealt with this as well.Amazing that the post and comments below are much older too meaning that this company has been doing this for some time.

I rented a book for my mother for $29 and just got charged today for the book another $90. The problem is that I can buy it new on amazon for $60 right now. They claim that it is damaged but the condition of the book was listed as used-good when I got it and the book was not damaged when I sent it back. What a load of *** that this company wants to pull.

I was able to contact Amazon customer service about this, they said that though they cannot refund me now, if I return it to their warehouse address I can get a refund for this thankfully.

Still, it seems I'll be out the shipping to the warehouse, and I don't have the option to leave feedback for them or even contact them, so I guess I get to play a game or return chicken with them.If the amazon refund doesn't work out, I'll be disputing the charge on the credit card bill.


How can I contact them? I may be in the same boat.


Thanks in advance!

to Anonymous #1088276

Nobody seems to be able to reach them by phone. Complain through Amazon.

Cerritos, California, United States #972041

Do they keep on charging if you don't give them the book back?

Clinton, Mississippi, United States #893073

I'm dealing with the same issue about a college algebra book.I rented the book for $25 dollars in May and after a couple of later they charged me $343 dollars for the book putting my banking account in the negatives.

I will NEVER rent or buy anything else from this company.

The book at the school was $250 I should have just did that from the start because this is very crazy!!!So I can't even get in touch with the people anyone got the contact number.

to Ashbug Cerritos, California, United States #972043

Did you just kept the book? I still have my book and I'm not sure if I still return it or not

Quincy, Michigan, United States #884577

Am dealing with this situation right now.Have been an Amazon customer for years.

Sent back textbook and they charged me three times the amount that a used text would cost. Fighting with customer service reps right now to get this resolved. It they don't resolve it - I'll be done with Amazon and they really don't want that as I spend a lot of money there!

They are now telling me they will refund the charges.

to Doc D Quincy, Michigan, United States #884586

BTW - apex_media is an Amazon marketplace seller; not a company.They are well known for filtering out bad comments and once they have "charged" off a textbook that was rented you cannot leave feedback.

If you need to complain about this - call Amazon customer service, ask to speak with a marketplace management specialist and explain.They have stated IN writing they will refund the total price charged ($180.17 for a used text when the new price was $120).

to Doc D Riverside, California, United States #1189239

I guess you are a lucky one.I guess I will have to fight in writing because this is too unfair.

Amazon knows very well they are putting the books on the market after the rental periods expire and then selling for lower prices after we have paid the higher price.

If that is not true, then why dod they offer the more expensive product thru Apex which by the way only appears as small print.

Amazon is cornering the market on books but not offering fair price nfo.

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