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On January 9 I rented two textbooks from Amazon.com. This was my first time renting through them as I alway purchase my college textbook from Amazon. I was under the impression that return reminders will be sent, however I never received them.

On July 21, I checked my American express card and noticed two charges from Amazon of $11.99 which I didn't authorized. I contacted them and was informed that they were related to the textbooks I rented on Jan 9. I was never notified that my card will be charged. I was informed by the representative that there were additional charges of 106.27 and

140.27 put through my card on July 20 for the full price of the books in addition to the rental amount. The representative informed me that the deadline to return the book has passed and at this point there isn't anything on Amazon's end that can be done.

I escalated the call and was transferred to Courtney who is a Team Lead located in West Virginia. This representative was overly focused on company policy and blamed me for not following up. I asked for an exception due to while she claim that emails were sent I never received them perhaps it could have went to my junk mail folder.

I escalated to her manager named Rolland also located in West Virginia and he wouldn't provide an exception based on Policy. Basically telling me to hit the high road. I escalated to Chris who at least try to find a solution as far as selling the book to Amazon but I will lose $200. The books I received weren't new, I was charged $81.30-$ 68. 17 on Jan 10 for the rental price, on the top of that I was charged June 20 $106.27--$140.27 June 5-$11.99--$11.99 Which I believe its unfair. When I did research online about the issue I had there are numerous complaint similar to mind about the same third party company. This is disturbing and troubling. I have contacted the BBB regarding this type of practice and shame on Amazon for not stepping in and doing something about this.

Monetary Loss: $271.

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In response to the previous comment - yes, the huge major fault of apex_media is that they charge an exorbitant amount as the purchase price of the book: 2-3 times what the retail price.

There are many complaints about this company and I'm appalled that Amazon allows them to continue doing business.


So you rented something, forgot to return it, and it's their fault?