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A Prime customer for years. Because I own a small business, I spend thousands a year with Amazon -- until now, anyway.

Truth is:

1. They often are not the least expensive option.

2. Much of their customer retention, is based on the fact that we are in default mode when we go to their site -- and they know it.

3. On one hand, you might say their customer service is good, but this would only be based on the fact that they act quickly "just to make the problem go away".

BEWARE: Amazon has gotten in the habit of sending out used, refurbished, and items returned and rejected by other customers -- Without letting you know!

I just got delivery of a very high-end computer monitor for our graphic's department - - spent right at $500.

I opened the box to find the box inside had a shipping label with another persons name and address in another state.

When I opened that box, I found the handwritten message by marker: "Ref", so I assume that is either refurbished or refunded,...

The box was missing pieces as the cutouts for cords, etc, were empty.

When I called customer service, they were very quick to say, "So what do you want us to do?"

I replied, "Not send me second-hand merchandise at regular MSRP".

Customer service simply said, "So do you want to return it?"

So for electronics for computer, I called the manufacturer, ASUS, who doesn't sell direct. But they mentioned NewEgg -- which I had never heard of.

So, same monitor, same price as Amazon, and NO sales tax saves me $50 and no shipping charge.

Only thing is -- I have to wait 3-5 days.

I just ordered from NewEgg.

Seems like they've been around for years and we'll see how this turns out.

Amazon is another great success story, which I do respect, that now has adopted the business model of they don't have to give a ***

Don't be in default mode like I was.

I'm now going to invest a little more time with all purchases, and try and redirect all my company and personal spending to smaller, or other start-ups or back to Mom & Pops.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I'm surprised you haven't heard of Newegg. That is the most famous online retailer of computer parts and electronics and where the most die hard geeks get everything.

Anyway, you made the right decision going with Newegg. There's no reason why people can't just buy their stuff from other dedicated retailers.


Most of the large online retailers have now added 3rd party sellers to their website. Including Newegg. So due diligence is always called for when ordering online nowadays.


Did you order this from Amazon directly or through the marketplace and one of the independent sellers? If the latter, then Amazon did exactly what they should have by offering you a refund. They don't have any control over what is sent by independent sellers, they can only curate the sale after the fact.