I've noticed increasingly Amazon posts - under color of 'book reviews' - nonsensical comments submitted using 'book review' function; or complaints about delivery and amazon bungling orders (where the 'reviewer' gives the 'book' a low rating - as a reproach to Amazon). At such 'non review' comments, posted as reviews by the site admin - I see complaint replies accusing the 'reviewer' of misusing Amazon. As if the reviewer, not Amazon, is responsible for what Amazon accepts and posts.

But worse than such unsatisfactory posting practices by Amazon - whatever faceless anonymous beings man its helm - are blatantly censorious post-deleting practices and maneuvers, at random. Meanwhile, so many posted comments, in 'Amazon discussions' forum, in replies to book reviews etc - that consist of incoherent insults and cyber bullying (or whatever), that might actually warrant removal (if anything does) - are typically left on display like graffiti vandalism to annoy whoever.

I am not buying anything from Amazon dot com. From their 'iffy' business rep and intractibility - to a blatantly fascist ethos I see glaring from their 'dart board' random post deletion/nondeletion practices - I find Amazon unacceptable, and an undesirable presence.

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Rusty C

I was told by a post office supervisor yesterday (2014-8-3), due to Amazons new agreement with USPS all parcels are to be scanned delivered. If your tracking the parcel & it was not delivered, call the post office to see if it is there.

Since you paid to have door service you can request another attempt. Bottom line: it is a lie Amazon.


it is getting worse and worse everyday. I am staying away fr. amazon these days