I had ordered a couple of items and they were all supposed to be delivered together but they split it up into different deliveries and then charged me but then changed her mind and canceled it and charged me again twice and every time I call them they said it would never happen again and it did you can never understand the reason for double charging because the reason does not make sense I was charged three times even though they canceled it and I got my money back it still is hard on a person on a budget because it takes 7 to 10 business days for some cards to even refund a person and they don't understand this and I think they should fix it to where this doesn't happen I am scared now to even order from Amazon because I am afraid that I'm going to get charged multiple times and have my card wiped out it came close to that the last time they did this it was like three or four times I've had this happen to me and needless to say I am very upset and afraid of ordering from Amazon ever again

User's recommendation: Be careful when you order multiple products.

Location: City Of Saint Peters, Missouri

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