Sacramento, California
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I received a Beg in a Bag 7 pieces of Lavender Purple Quilted Patchwork Comforter Set, sold to us through Amazon which came directly from ECityDirect's 1360 E. Lexington Ave, Suite 100, Pomona, CA 91766 location and warehouse. It's funny... what I expected was a Beg in a Bag 7 pieces of Lavender Purple Quilted Patchwork Comforter Set"... what I didn't expect was the added surprise that came in the plastic with the beg in the bag "Bedbugs" imagine my disgust and my surprise. I did not want or did I expect to see this disgusting, horrifying sight as they became climbing on my son's bed, just as we finished putting in onto the bed. It is disgusting and a health hazard. We had to spray my son's room, get rid of his mattress, pillows, blankets and anything else that came into contact with this horrible discovery. Please take them back!!!

Disgusted in Phoenix, Arizona

Monetary Loss: $300.

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We ordered a new crib and mattress and got bed bugs. Amazon has not responded to my email or phone calls. They did offer me 10% off my next purchase, though.


I bought a $200 mattress from Amazon and memory foam in February and ever since then I have been having horrible bed bugs Amazon gave me my money back but I am just so freaking frustrated.


I had ordered the couch covers from the same company and receive the same gift that you did. I contacted the company and they did give me a full refund. After 2 months I am still fighting these disgusting free gifts


I stumbled upon this while researching to see if I was the only one who had this problem. I also ordered a package from amazon (not a bed in a bag) and found a live bedbug in the box. I have never heard of such a thing and I would not have believed this story either except it just happened to me.


Why would you put lavender on your sons bed?It seems made up to me.