I received what I believed to be a phishing scheme voicemail, with the caller stating that they were calling from Amazon. I was told via the voicemail that I was going to be charged $1,600 for a MacBook pro (something or other).

That was when I tried to get the number for Amazon and ended up connecting with Pissed Consumer.

Amazon said that they could not help me unless I provided my phone number. I haven't ordered anything from Amazon in over 15 years with plans to do the same for another 15 years, and I really didn't want to provide an address in what was already an apparent scam.

So, Amazon said, "Oh well...." and hung up.

I then called my bank and found out that no such charge had been made against my account and nor was this charge pending.

So, my issue was resolved without Amazon's help and I thank Jesus everyday that I am not a victim of the online shopping disease!!!

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

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