Uploaded two gift cards to website. Specifically used one gift card and a debit card for one purchase.

Unknown to me, Amazon used both gift cards for my order without informing me. Ordered a 2nd item. Order indicated there was a gift card balance and no additional money due and showed a remaining gift card balance. Email from Amazon a few days later saying my payment method (CC) declined, gift card balance was zero, and an additional $17.00 was due.

Did I mention the misleading your order qualifies for free shipping, pop up before placing order, but then charged nearly $12.00 in shipping fees after order placed? Customer Service Reps (overseas/stateside, rude and condescending) swear up and down that I made the mistake when placing order and misread the additional charges due of around $17,00 for the 2nd order placed. I let all three Reps know any credit cards on the Amazon account are pre-paid cards, gift card showed a balance, no additional payment due after placing order. Otherwise, would have selected the correct card to pay the additional balance.

The Reps basically treated me like I was a crazed lunatic who had no right to be upset. Oh yes, I am a Customer Service Rep who has a high number of awards at work for being a good CS - FYI.

I hung up frustrated and angered at the treatment and being treated like an idiot. Amazon is no longer CS oriented - they have a "We're Amazon, we're freaking awesome in everything we do - how dare you call us and complain mindset."

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Gift Card.

Store Location: Valencia, California

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