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While I have used Amazon for YEARS I have had few problems with their SERVICE! I am Pissed with their tyrannical dictatorship of censoring customers all of a sudden for PURELY Political reasons.

They do not have the right to accuse one social media of something it is not even CAPABLE of doing! The violence at the Capitol building in D.C. was not even caused by ANY of Trumps supporters, but by the same group who have BEEN terrorizing America for months while everyone acts like they are doing nothing wrong! People know who the true guilty party is!

This corporate bullying will not be met with happy customers! If they do not reinstate Parler I and many THOUSANDS maybe Hundreds of thousands or more will be taking our online shopping elsewhere!

We are adults and know what IS and IS NOT true! The election was Fraudulent and the evidence of it is overwhelming!

User's recommendation: Make sure of WHO you are dealing with. Have they used their corporate entity to bully others into things they would never stand for?

Location: Brunswick, Georgia

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