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I just got this message tonight!

“Sorry, we are unable to accept your review. You are no longer permitted to review products on Amazon because you have violated our Community Guidelines.”

My reviewer rating was 3,000 out of what must be millions of people.

My helpful rating was 1,085

But now all my reviews and votes are wiped clean!!!

I’ve never submitted anything other than honest reviews, I’ve never said anything unkind to anyone

I’ve been a prime member for years and spend thousands a year on amazon

I also recommend them constantly

I’m so confused hurt insulted and dumbfounded

Especially since I see problems they should be addressing but donot like product changes on listings with reviews for a different item so customers think a product has a high rating but in reality it hasn’t been reviewed once!

Also every seller on their from China will contact you if you leave a review of 3 stars or lower and offer you a full refund if you’ll delete it!!

There’s also a lot of products that they cut off reviewing for “due to suspicious activity “ yet there’s no such activity in the reviews it has thus far.

Those are three huge problems that prevent customers from getting honest info that amazon isn’t doing anything about.

Yet they are banning good customers from further reviews and wiping us out like we never existed

I’ve found on here it’s a huge problem that has increased exponentially the last 2mos

High ranking reviews kicked in the teeth by amazon.

I emailed them and called and submitted a report but I expected to get a canned ambiguous response

And no reversal

It’s heartbreaking, I loved amazon

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They have done with 2 times in the last month to me. Customer since 1999, never left link or mentioned other retailers, never got free products or asked for products in exchange for giving 5 star reviews.

Still banned for no reason, last review I gave 4/5 stars, I think they are banning everyone who leaves less then perfect reviews.

On first ban I emailed them, the restored my account a few days later, just to ban me again one week later. Now it's been two weeks and no response, just a auto reply saying I violated community standards.


Ok guys I’ve been restored! I wanted to let others know the steps I took.

First I called to complain and they filed a report with the review board. Then I got an animated response from them stating that “upon careful review” of my account they deemed I violated their policy. Well it was obvious that was b.s. and this was an automated response so I replied to it and said.

Obviously you did NOT carefully review my account because if you had the. You would have seen I was innocent and restored my account! About 10 days later they responded and said my account privileges and reviews have been restored!

So don’t give up, you have to complain at least twice before a human being looks at it. I responded to my restore email letting them know what a huge problem this was and directed them to this site


I feel you, I have been blocked from writing a review today due to suspicious activity (there literally was none, I did nothing wrong), now I am wondering whether I am on the *** of having all my reviews deleted because it's happened to so many people!


I was also banned from leaving a review anymore I guess because I have 5 star review on a Paint by Number lot of a dog. It’s absurd, & I also have tried to email,call etc to no avail.

Customer since 2004. Feeling shocked & hurt because I did nothing wrong


The reason this has happened to you is that Amazon's computer algorithms for detecting fake reviews are not fit for purpose. This is actually a massive issue but the world isn't paying attention (yet).

Contact business press and tell them. Jeff Bezos won't take any notice until it starts to hit his bottom line - and it needs to start doing that because Amazon are deleting genuine reviews and leaving fake ones in place which means Amazon is not a safe place to purchase anymore.

Andrew Humphrey

Me too. Just about a week ago.

Ive been a prime member sense 2014. And they keep giving me the run-around and no explanation as to why the ban.

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