Why I believe amazons product reviews are manipulated and deliberately deceptive. I was an Amazon customer for about 11 years.

Mostly I just bought stuff only occasionally bothering to post reviews. Last year, finding I had time (big surprise I know), I began posting reviews of basically every item I purchased (how I liked it, did it work, etc, etc). One day I got an email from Amazon. I had been banned, every review I had every posted over the last 11 years was removed.

I inquired as to why but received no response. So, I began emailing, posting, calling, etc amazon almost daily for over 2 months trying to get a straight answer (once again too much time on my hands). They refused to tell me what I had done wrong and kept pointing me to their terms of service but without telling me which of their terms of service I had violated. As such I am no longer an amazon customer.

I was able to download from their site all of my data (there is a spot on their site you can request your file so to speak). In my file was every item I had ever purchased, a transcript of every chat and email, all my personal data, and a whole lot of other info Amazon stores about its customers. Included in this data was a verbatim list of every review I had ever posted. I double checked against their terms of service and could see nothing in any of my posts that violated any of their terms of service.

I used no vulgarity or hostility, used no insults or attacks, I simply posed my impressions of the items I had purchased and what I liked or disliked about them. BTW, I am an electronics technician, as such I believe I was able to offer quite of bit of insight in numerous electronic/electrical products and specifically why some of the product specifications listed were clearly deceptive. Currently I am forced to conclude the reason for my ban was that I had posted something that offended one of their vendors. I guess that censoring certain reviews to artificially skew the ratings of certain favored vendors is now a service that amazon offers.

Anyway, this is just my opinion derived from my experience and countless hours of communications with amazon representatives. I know amazon will likely not miss my business much but I will continue to tell my tale to anyone and everyone I can for as long as I am able. Maybe I can force an answer out of them one day.

Until then I suggest a great deal of skepticism about the validity of amazons product reviews and ratings.

Thanks for reading this far. -Eric

User's recommendation: Be skeptical of their reviews.

Location: Secaucus, New Jersey

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