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I like Kelly's advice, I will try it, eventually. I had been banned from reviewing, got it reversed (I like star wars, so I buy and review a lot of star wars items-never getting paid for it).

Then a year or so later find out I'd been banned again, found this out because I was trying to ask a question on the Q an A section to get the dimensions of a piece of furniture.

My response after the first automated one or two was "What exactly did I do so I may reverse what ever it was?" Never responded back and never fixed my prime account. So now I have to do everything THROUGH my husband so many purchases do not happen anymore since I am not going to bother him to ask for missing product info for me everyday.

I also put up a kindle book so I am a seller as well, and NEVER offer my book up free, even for the one review it has.

Way to make a person feel empowered!

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