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I totally agree. I am an avid Amazon Prime member.

I purchase from Amazon the majority of times because being a Prime member I appreciate the two day shipping. I don't have time or energy to shop anymore other than online which I have done a lot. Now, since I have been an Amazon reviewer and have received valuable products at a discount, and not purchased as much on Amazon lately (only coincidental), I have recently become banned from Amazon Review Trader, for what I have No Idea. They do not communicate why.

I am a Very Loyal Amazon customer for several years now and then I was banned without explanation. My business with Amazon has decreased as well as my invitations or encouragement to subscribe to Amazon Prime.

So sorry but if loyalty doesn't mean anything than what's the point of being loyal back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Prime Membership.

Reason of review: No loyalty no explanation no,chance to answer .

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You say you stopped shopping much with Amazon. How do you call that being loyal?

You quit Amazon so they quit you. Perfectly fair.


So because she slowed her shopping she should be banned from Amazon Review Trader? Do you know her?

Do you know what is going on in her life? Do you know the reason she slowed down her shopping? No?

So shut up. Nunya bizness.

@Amazon Shopper

The reviewer was a mooch who was leeching off Amazon's customer reviews to get free products and was probably most likely posting overly biased reviews like all of these moochers do. Don't see anything wrong with what Amazon did.


All of these fake/biased/compensated reviewers deserve to get their reviews wiped and banned. Maybe the IRS will take action as well for accepting large amounts of "gifts" without having paid the taxes. If anything, Amazon should sue these reviewers for violation of their TOS or committing fraud against Amazon.


You know that how? Oh right, you don't.