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I have sent three complaints to Amazon about this and they have requested I fill out a complaint form. The respondants to my complaint just seem to want to kick it down the road.

I have ordered numerous things from Amazon and this is the first time I have encountered anything bordering on illegal activity. My son wanted the new XBox One. Microsoft, in order to encourage presales, included incentives in what they called their "XBox One : Day One Edition." Unfortuantely, but the time my son decided he wanted the XBox One instead of Sony's PS4, the presale XBox One: Day One Editions were sold out everywhere on line. I asked to be put on a list with Amazon to be alerted if new inventories became available before the November 22nd launch date.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from Amazon that said they had received additional quanitites of the "XBox One: Day One Edition" and that these would be available as long as they lasted begining at 8 AM Eastern Standard Time.

I folowed the link in the e-mail to the Amazon web site which showed the advantages of ordering the "XBox One: Day One Edition" rather than waiting to but the "XBox One: Standard Edition" which would be available after the release date. Included in the special Day One Edition was a year's free XBox Gold subscription, codes for four free games, special packaging, a special controller, special packaging and something that was suppose to elevate your standing as a Day One purchaser. I could care less about the last three things, but the first two represent $240 in free games and subscriptions which are not included in the Standard Edition.

I got up at 4:30 AM on November 20th so I could order the available XBox at 5:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. I went on line ten minutes early and at 5:00 AM refreshed my screen. The machines were now available and I ordered one within the first thirty seconds with Amazon's quick order button. I had to have been in the first hundred that ordered the "XBox One: Day One Edition: console. I was happy because I did not have to go out and stand in line to get one when they were released at midnight on November 22nd.

The only issue I had at the time was that the quick order process used my PO box for the shipping address. After finalizing my order I realized this was the case so I went back to change this to be shipped to my home address. The web site would only return error messages when I tried to change the address which, in the end, added an extra week to the delivery time.

A few hours prior to my oder being shipped out, Amazon sent out an e-mail saying that due to the heavy orders recieved, they were changing my order to the "XBox One: Standard Edition". As a consolation, they would give me a $50 credit on my credit card. By the time I got the e-mail, it was too late to go out and stand in line to get the Day One Edition with the $240 in free games and XBox Gold year's subscription.

When I read the email I immediatedly sent an email stating that I ordered the Day One Edition specifically because it included the extra incentives! If they couldn't send me the one I ordered (within the first thirty seconds they offered it) then I wanted the four games and XBox Gold sent along at no charge. They could keep the feeble credit offered.

I got a response saying they did not get enough units but they did not know why. NO RESOULTION OR UNDERSTANDING OF MT CONCERNS WHATEVER.

My other concern was that I had heard many of the shipped units had bad DVD player in them. One of my son's friends ordered a Day One Edition, too, but Amazon switched his at the last minute, too. Unlike my order, his went via UPS and arrived a week before mine. I think Amazon filled orders with what special units they had starting with the east coast and ran out by the time they reached the Mountain Time zone and everone west of there were switched, but I do not know this with certainty. But it is curious that I know of another instance where Amazon pulled a last minute switch for an inferior controller package (and except for the $50 credit, they were the exact same selling price!)

My son's freind's unit had a bad DVD player. He called Amazon and Microsoft. They told him to keep the hand controller and send the unit back. Microsoft replaced the unit AND sent two free games, all of which he got before the one I ordered for my son even got to me!

I contacted Amazon two more times and keep getting of-shore mumbo jumbo from individuals who must be reciting a preprinted script with little or no appreciation or understanding that what Amazon did was bait and switch. My order was placed very quickly (though on their form they said it was 5:07...which was not when I finalized the order) and there should have been no excuse they would finalize my order only to switch it at the last minute and offer and inferior credit.

I asked for, but did not get codes for four free games and a year's subscription for XBox Gold. Am I unreasonable? This was a birthday present for my son which was a stretch. The year has been a bad one and I have been out of work for some time. I wanted to bring some happiness to my son who has pretty much had nothing all year. I have savings and splurged. It did not hurt financially, but having a unit that now requires at least one $59.99 game to use is upsetting and troublesome.

In my opionion, Amazon does not care and through their subcontracted customer disservice line lacks reasonable mechanisms to resolve simple issues. I would discourage anyone from using them. Only then will they pay attention to complaints. Getting away from well intentioned but impotent off-shore phone tree automatrons would help. Good, responsive customer service would help even more. The scenario is as I have reported and my personal opinions are my own.

Thank you for listening.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $190.

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