We ordered a $100 + coffee bean grinder that worked only 2 times before it wouldn't work. We contacted amazon and they said that the 30 day timeline was up and they would not do anything. Its true,the 30 day period was up because we were out of town helping a very I'll family member. When we got home it was well past the 30 days.

Used the grinder 2 times when it quit working.

Amazon said we should go back to the 3rd party that made and distributed the grinder. Come to find out the grinder was made and assembled in CHINA.

We tried to get in touch with the Bodum Co. To get our money back or to send the grinder back but,they said we cannot until we send them a sales receipt,a video of what is wrong with the grinder and a detailed description of why the grinder quit. So here are an American Co. so deep into CHINA that they just don't give a *** about the little people AMERICANS that made amazon what it is today. We have purchased from amazon from the beginning and for the most part happy with the products and the return process.

I have called amazon for some help but they are to busy SCREWING over the consumers that made amazon.

I am not done with this issue.


User's recommendation: Dont order anything from amazon if the product comes from CHINA!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Location: Tacoma, Washington

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