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Hi everyone I been having very bad online live chat support agent which I have in counter the last few months now. Here what has occur from within my issue I have face.

As you all know Amazon has to out source there customer service agents over see to save money on cost. By doing that there will be so much dialogue language barrier from within.

I used Amazon for everything when needed anything online due to I am not able to drive as a student. I have order a few things online and always have many issue with there shipping.

I do not have an phone line to called in only my laptop to get access for support threw there online chat. Every time I speak to a person it seem that they do not care about how one been getting treated to us.

Amazon agent seem like they are from India and not in the USA.

I explain to each REP that my package has never arrive to my mom location of her house. They always tell me to check my surrounding areas which I have and no one has my package. I am a very loyal customer I buy many items over time threw Amazon.

As time go on through the online live chat support over few hours now. They keep transfer me to different agent and wasted my time online.

Each time they transfer me I have to explain over and over the issue I have encounter with there shipping. DONT THEY HAVE NOTES in the account before hand without needing to ask the same question again?

They all keep referring back to the same question did I check the surrounding area. From that time on I started to get very frustrated with the support was giving to me.

Now a few hours later don't I have things to do as well not just to be online to get things fix. Then they transfer me over to a supervisor team leader which they said to me.

He or she then told me please wait a moment so I am able to read the notes in my account.

After 10 mins or so later he ask me the same thing what other reps did before transferring me to the supervisor team leader OMG right !

By this time has past from morning to noon in Texas time frame and where the problem has not been fix at all in a timely manner. I keep asking about my package where it is and why it never arrived.

All they can say is it shown in our system was deliver which has not to my location. Now everything from now on is they told me to called in to the call center of Amazon. I explain to the live agent that I do not have a phone line to call in my mom and I have very limited of funds but they do not care about me as a loyal customer.

A few mins later goes by all they can say to me now is that is there anything else I can help you with today?

The issue I have encounter has never been fix where my package did not ship to my mom location.

I still will used the Amazon online shopping platform. But I am not able to trust them as well their shipping. Amazon please retrain there online chat support team and see if you able to fix all issue with there customer service department.

See if you able to get some Americans agents on your team to give customer like me and others for better understanding of the situation we have encounter.

Without good customer service there will not be any people be on your site shopping. If one has an issue with anything we require a agent that able to handle the problem and see one can fix it with out transferring over and over to other reps that will not make any difference on hand.


Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Just wanted my accomadition credit back to me for my time wasted online.

Amazon Pros: Very dissatisfied.

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