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I had an Amazon issue Needed help and had a very awful customer service representative that cursed at me by saying *** you and wish me death!!! This incident happened today 04/08/2022 time around 11:20 I ask to speak to his supervisor this man paused and acted like he was the supervisor and became angry when I was asking for his name and he gave fake names .

The man cursed at me with very obscene language .. Im asking for help to remove these type of people that cannot handle how to be professional over the phone..

I would not rest until I find out who this person is and have him remove!!!! I hope the CEO of this company is reading this and go back to your voice recorder of today and listen to how this man became very vulgar towards me over the phone.

User's recommendation: Never.

Location: The Bronx, New York

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Look up the email address to the Chief Executive of Office at Amazon, or call Amazon Corporate office not customer service