I was moving from one address to my permanent address and in between I lost one delivery of the product I ordered. I tried contacting customer support, they told me that they will do investigation at their end.

And two days later they refunded my money but they just suspended my account. I literally stayed on call explaining my situation, begged them to reactivate my account as I am prime member and not only ordering stuff from Amazon, I have so many other services that I'm using from Amazon.

Very rudely they answered that they informed me that they canceled this account and will not reactivate.

And also said no further communication will be done.

On top of that I asked them to refund my prime membership which I did not use as I paid for whole year, they didn't refunded. Also, I have my address (garage door) is registered with Amazon key services and they can't even remove it.

If they can't keep up good customers, I don't know what they would do to people who is literally scamming them..

User's recommendation: Nope, I would not recommend Amazon.

Preferred solution: Either activate my account or just refund my money .

Location: 1700 Klockner Road, Trenton, NJ 08619

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