There was a wrong phone number on my acct. Amazon wouldnt let me passed a page that said theyd sent a text to verify it was me.

I couldnt access my acct to change the phone number. I went on line and found the customer service phone number for Amazon. After holding for 36 minutes, a lady answered and said I had to answer security questions. She first asked for the last 4 on my credit card that was linked to the acct.

She then wanted to know how long Id had my prime acct. I didnt remember. Then she wanted to know the serial number on my kindle, which I havent used in years. I couldnt give her that info either.

Then she said I hadnt called customer service directly. She said to call back on their direct phone number and she hung back. Thank God she sent a follow up email and in the email was a link to my account.

I accessed my acct with that link and changed my phone number. I feel like she was spam but Im not sure what they would benefit from it.

User's recommendation: Make sure you’re calling the right customer service number.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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