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End times prophecy..Please if you are not saved, have not accepted Jesus Christ as your savior the Son God and believe that For by Grace we have been saved through faith and that its a gift of God to Eternal life..please confess it and receive Salvation.Start going to a Bible Word of God the Bible the Word of God know that Jesus is returning soon..Be ready or you will face 7 years on tribulations like you have never imagined..Jesus can rapture us up that are ready and have accepted Him as Savior and living the Christian life..The ones that will be saved during Tribulations period will suffer a lot of persecution and brutal deaths..avoid that and get right with God now please and go to be with the Lord otherwise *** & fire with brimstone will be your final destination along with all the ones who receive the mark of the beast 666 or who never accepted Christ as Savior and dont have their names written on the Heavenly rolls..Even if you dont believe this..doesnt mean its not true..Why take a chance..of it being true..Just being a nice and kind person & even donations to worthy causes wont get you into Heaven..You must ask for forgiveness and repent of sins turn away from evil & wicked ways and confess Jesus as Savior and that he did for your sins and you accept Him as the Head of your life

User's recommendation: Stay away Look to Jesus as Your Savior John 3:16 Ephesians 2:8-10 Romans 8-26-32 Romans 5:4 Romans 10:9-13.

Preferred solution: As many souls to be saved from *** and damnation as possible..John 3:16.. .

Amazon Pros: Convience.

Amazon Cons: Delivery is shockingly bad and unreliable.

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