If you buy a CD on Amazon and it says it comes with the free mp3 (auto-rip), get ready for a huge hassle. You buy the CD, and when you try to redeem your free mp3 download, it prompts you to get the new Amazon music app so you can "download your music".

Ok, no problem yet, kinda dumb, but then you download the stupid app, go to "your" music collection, push download, and immediately tells you in order to download your music you have to sign up for the $9.99 a month Amazon music deal for unlimited streaming and downloads. Maybe it's a good streaming service, don't know or care, I listen to my own music and skip commercials and all the other crap.

Alright Amazon, just get rid of the auto-rip option if you are going to charge us anyway.

It's super frustrating trying to get around it, it doesn't work, trust me. Wtf

Location: Roselle, Illinois

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