For the last two months I have been billed $16 each month for a membership at Audible.com for a membership that I didn't realize I had signed up for. The monthly bill was billed to an expired Visa credit card. I have seen this type of scam with other companies several times before and got caught in one about ten years ago with Ticket Master/Entertainment Rewards. While I was not surprised that Ticket Master would do such a thing, I was shock that Amazon would allow one of their subsidiaries, Audio.com, to participate in this type of scam.

Amazon.com had built a reputation with me for being efficient and honest. I now must re-evaluate whether I want to continue to do business with them.

Reason of review: scam.

Monetary Loss: $32.

Amazon Cons: Customer service.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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same thing happened to me.. What is the deal?


Same to me. Even worse, I've lost the access to my internet banking for a long time.

I was shocked when I know Audible (what is this?) charged me 330$ for 22 months of membership.

That's something I didn't know. It is such a shame.


The same thing happened to me. I was completely unaware of my "membership" with audible that I've had for four months now.

I lost $64. I'm pissed.


I just noticed a charge for $16 on my bank account from Audible. I, too, don’t recall ever signing up for a membership. I’m lucky in that I found out after only one charge, but what the actual *** Amazon?