Email stated delivery attempted this morning. Item 50# portable air conditioner Accessible staffed office - verified no attempt made

Arrogant nameless Amazon Cs told me I would have to pay for redelivery.

( I am a prime member). When I asked to speak to someone else he refused. I stated I was terminating the call & he retorted . No, I am terminating the call

Second Cs very polite declined to look in my account initially, then stated I was calling about a spool of thread.

I asked her if she thought I would be calling CS over a spool of thread. She could not or would not help me

Finally I reached an appropriate CS who indicated that I must have been speaking with fraudulent individuals representing themselves as Amazon although she could not say what their motivation could be. Cs connected me to the Delivery Dept. representative there was unable to reach the Amazon driver by phone despite several attempts.

Clearly, this deliberately incompetent for their role,

So in conclusion, I have no fifty pound air conditioner & no idea when I might. I am hot & insect-bitten and there is no accountability.

I am a small woman & well able to carry 50# objects Should Amazon delivery person be able to do so as well?

User's recommendation: Only access Amazon Cs through the app & don’t expect reliable delivery. I am a small woman & routinely carry 50# objects without difficulty. Should Amazon delivery not be able to do do A.

Location: Miami, Florida

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