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I have contributed upwards of 3500-4000 to Amazon's marketplace over the last 6 months. I can't even count how much I've contributed over the last couple years. Literally thousands upon thousands of dollars. I never had a problem with shipping when they were using regular, well known and reputable shipping methods. The occasional late delivery or stupid driver, but 97% of the time, things were delivered just fine.

When they decided to be hot *** and get their own delivery system, AMZNLogisitics, all *** broke loose. Over the last few months, the shipping experience statistics have flipped. 97% of my orders are now screwed up and late, while 3% actually show up the day they say. I almost never purchase things that are super time sensitive, I always like to give it a day's buffer, just in case, but that should not be what actually happens every time. They are flat out lying when they say 2 day shipping, or "Get it Tomorrow". You NEVER get it tomorrow.

The BEST thing about this, is that there is an AMZNL hub here in my town. I literally see 4,000 of those stupid vans spilling out of their industrial compound at all hours of the day, not 2 miles from my house, and yet my packages either show up at 930 at night, or not at all. YOU'RE RIGHT HERE. Like, you're literally down the street.

The update that the package is running late will also come long after the package should have been reasonably delivered. I check 15 times til 9 at night...nothing. I check the app at 9:30pm and its 'Your package is running late". And its always "check back in a day or two." Like excuse me? Is what you'd tell someone who ordered a business part or a machine from your website? Just sit there aimlessly waiting for some loser to drive up in a weird mini van... MAYBE?

I am not getting Prime service. Supposedly you can chat with them and they will either give you a year for free or take something off or something. So I think Im finally going to do that. F* them. I just ordered a gift to give someone and it is late as usual. I'm tired of it. There is nowhere to review their shipping, and my reviews get deleted or rejected if I even mention the word shipping. Ive come to hide the word in spelling and using *'stone replace letters. I also feel that it is on the seller/business bc they are associated with the service. I tired going that route once and the company was practically non-communicable. Amazon had no contact info for that, none they'd give me anyway, and simply said to leave seller feedback, and that they bring my complaints to the shipping department who would be very upset and blah blah... yeah ok. Im sure 300lb Dwayne in the back of the Amazon warehouse getting 8$ an hour will on the edge of his seat waiting for my complain and be really upset. Eye roll. Its all bullish*t,and I'd rather it be free bulls*t than pay for it. So I will try to get the to give me a free year or something.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Amazon Pros: Free.

Amazon Cons: False advertising of shipping speed.

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You must live in a bad area. I place orders regularly, both to my home address and work address and have yet to have one late or not delivered, even when by Amazon Logistics.


I would think so, but as I mentioned in my review, I live down the street from one their van hubs. I literally see them all driving around all day long.

I just orderEd another thing last week before my baby arrived and the package was flat out never delivered and “must be lost”. I got a refund, they would not replace it, and I had to fully reorder it.

It’s taken two weeks at this point. Lucky you to live in good area for their shipping.


I couldn't agree more. Their delivery service is the worst.

They can't find the address, they lost the package, they are running late just to list a few. What's with the checking back in a day or two?

Sure doesn't sound like they are trying very hard to correct their being lat in the first place. They built their business on fast delivery but their current state of being late and not really caring could well be the start of their down fall.