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I've complained many times about Amazon's shipping service, it's the worst in the industry. I demanded that Amazon only use USPS or UPS for my shipments and they have not honored that.

I continually have problems with shipments being late or never arriving at all but Amazon doesn't care and does nothing to fix it. The latest shipment was so-called attempted last night at 20:56 ET. I'm sorry, but that is way too late in the evening and completely unacceptable. As a result they didn't leave the shipment.

The previous shipment never arrived at all because supposedly the box was destroyed in shipping. This is not a one-off, this happens continually.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Amazon Pros: I have used amazon many many times.

Amazon Cons: Shipping is the absolutely worst.

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They're always *** late.


I am also a frequent Amazon shopper and have grown to depend on them. But the Amazon shipping is horrible!!

Every single time it is delayed or lost. Every time!


I couldn't possibly agree more. Half of my packages don't arrive after being "out for delivery" 12 hours or more.

Complaining to Amazon is less than useless.

They simply don't care what customers really want. It's time, past time, to kick them to the curb and shop elsewhere.


Hey here is a solution to all you fine folks that pay for a service and don’t receive..start posting these amazon delivery driver that chunk your packages on social media(if enough of you post these ol JEFF will be forced to do something) AND if enough of you that have delivery problems send a email directly to JEFF BEZOS he and his direct support staff will become aware...his email is JEFF@AMAZON.COM


It's a disaster every time Amazon tries to ship something themselves. Preferred solution for me would be to send it to a locker if they aren't going to use UPS or USPS.


I have video surveillance on the front of my home and have twice documented the Amazon driver taking a couple of steps up my driveway and flinging the package in the general direction of my doorway 60 feet away. Over Christmas, my daughter found her amazon delivered ssd hard drive in the snow 20 feet from mt door.

I'm looking elsewhere to purchase items. Amazon is not the most inexpensive game in town.


Agreed, literally same experience. Recently the drivers have taken to calling me and hanging up right away and marking that I refused the delivery.

Same, told them never to use that garbage service and still they do. I can't believe how terrible it is.


Amazon had become the type of company that does not honor their own shipping policies even if you pay extra for one day shipping. I will use Ebay from now on because at least they don't rip you off by lying about shipping times and taking your money for overnight shipping that shows up in 3 days They've gone downhill.


we need a world-boycott-of-amazon day to begin with. they couldn't do a worse job with a delivery service.


I agree completely. They rolled this out without a clue.


Agree. They put my package on my front step during an all day rainstorm without any protection. By the time I got home at 6, the cardboard box was soft, and the products inside were ruined.


I completely agree. here in Bellevue it is the worst.

The last mile services where it is this uber like carrry is the worst experience. They are lazy, unable to follow instructions and or flat out wont even attempt delivery.


It improved here for awhile but it is back to being bad..no delivery or always late in the evening.


Got to be honest. Amazon has put a lot of local businesses under and nowadays it is harder than ever to find certain things locally.

It is the Wal Mart effect: you have to use these guys. They've destroyed all the other smaller businesses. So anyways, AMZL, Amazon's personal delivery system, sucks hardcore. They've botched my deliveries when google maps would have taken them right to my doorstep.

It sucks, period, and I've never had an issue when they've used other carriers like USPS or FedEx (they've never used UPS on any of my orders). Amazon is really about to *** me off and lose my business.


"I demanded that Amazon only use USPS or UPS...." Who the *** do you think you are? If you don't like the way they ship things, then stop ordering from them.

I personally love that they deliver late - that way I get my packages a day earlier than I used to. But if I didn't like it, I wouldn't order from Amazon.

Simple as that. Stop crying about it and move on.


I have the same problem. Amazon said that they would change over my deliver option to USPS or UPS because there is an on going issue with them delivering my packages to the wrong place and refusing to correct the problem.

For the person who said stop buying from them then truly doesn't understand the fact that Amazon delivery is a joke and that it does not always deliver to the right places and it is hard to contact them because there are not local numbers to get this right. So I have to agree with the original author of this complaint because this happens far to much and Amazon seems to not want to fix it.


Completely agree. Why is it that the victims are always portrayed as the bad guys just because they complain?


Why dont you stop crying about someone else's opinion? This person is a consumer with every right to complain about a product they spent money on. You are very rude.


AMZL have only just started delivering (well,sort of) in my area the last 2 months. Out of 5 deliveries 4 have been superbad, so bad that it would take too long to describe.

CS always apologies and says it will be investigated as that should not be happening, but it is repeated so far twice with same driver who destroys my property and either does not leave package or chucks it into desert wash. Today when I tried to ask where my delivery was, they called the cops on me!!!

Cops would not charge me and actually delivered the package themselves after persuading driver to give it up. Driver is a complete mental case, but it bothers me that they have my address.


I agree and I was also scared knowing the driver has my home address. After the complaints and escalations and promises of investigations I was worried. These guys that are supposed to delivery are outright lying so how far can you trust them?